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What we need to know about breast massage in Dubai?

People always say that the massage can make the breasts sexy and promote blood circulation, it will be so good for the breasts. So, what are the benefits of breast massage for women? How can we do that, can we make this kind of Dubai massage at Home? What shall we take care of? Let's find out together.

Merry is from Malaysia, she is so good at B2B Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage at Home - Merry

1 Full massage exercise on the breast can stimulate the breast tissue and gradually develop and expand.

2 Breast massage can promote blood circulation in the chest, help chest development to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement, and long-term massage can also prevent diseases.

3 Breast massage can soften the breast, make the mammary glands unblocked, and increase the smooth flow. If expectant mothers can do breast massage during pregnancy, they can ensure adequate milk supply and ensure smooth breastfeeding.

Next I will introduce to you a method of massage at home that can be done while bathing

Bath massage method:

1 Adjust the bath water to about 40°C, which is slightly higher than the body temperature.

2 Enter the bathtub and scrub the whole body with a bath sponge to make the whole body warm.

3 Massage your breasts with your hands.

4 Hold the cleansing sponge from the inside of the breast along the line below the breast, and wash the breast outward like an arc.

5 Turn on the large nozzle, rinse the breasts while brushing, and gently massage with both hands in a clockwise direction for 10 minutes. You can also gently wipe with a cold towel to shrink the skin.

6 If the breasts are too small, you can use a towel to alternate cold and hot compresses, alternately every 10 minutes.

7 If the breasts are too large, take a shower with cold water.

8 If the breasts are sagging or to prevent the breasts from sagging, it is best to use the shower head to rush up from the lower part of the breasts, and rub the nipples around the nipples in a circular manner to enhance tissue tension and make the breasts firm. This kind of massage is also can be seen as a treatment of rhinitis, it is also helpful to that.

Breast massage is good, but be careful not to do it randomly. Let's take a look at these three wrong massage methods

Three wrong massage methods of body massage in Dubai can not only improve blood circulation, improve breasts and shape defects, but also prevent the occurrence of various breast diseases. Although the benefits of breast massage are many, some people use the wrong method when performing breast massage. We need to be wary of three wrong breast massage methods.

1. Squeeze the breast body very hard. There are many small mammary glands in the breasts. This part should not be squeezed with your fingers. If the stimulation is too strong, it will cause diseases such as mastitis and breast lumps.

2. Forcefully press the outside of the breast. The outer side of the breast is a frequent area where there is more residual milk, inflammation and other breast diseases. If you press hard with the palm of your hand, it will aggravate the damage to the tissue.

3. You can apply hot compress under any circumstances. If your milk supply is low. A hot towel can be used to apply heat to the breasts: however, applying heat when the breasts are severely swollen can aggravate the inflammation.

The breast is actually a very fragile part, so you must be very careful when massaging the breast, so as not to harm its health.

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