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Treatment of Rhinitis through Massage in Dubai

Now Dubai is in the winter, and the weather is getting colder. People who are used to the hot climate all year round are prone to nasal congestion and runny nose every morning and evening, and even their speech is very dry and hoarse. In another month, spring will be a good time for many people to go out for a walk. However, when you are in the sun, your nose may suddenly feel uncomfortable, and it is often rhinitis caused by allergies!

Rhinitis is a common disease in life, but most people don't know what better way to treat and improve. The following is an introduction to the treatment of chronic rhinitis through massage in Dubai. Rhinitis is common, but not easy. When rhinitis occurs, patients often experience discomfort such as nasal congestion, nasal itching, and runny nose. Often accompanied by headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, sore throat, loss of smell, memory loss and so on.

Yuri is from Japan, she is really good at body to body massage in Dubai.

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Dubai Japanese Massage - Yuri

Many people suffer from rhinitis in life. In addition to taking medication in daily life, people can also use an easy Dubai massage at Home to promote the treatment of rhinitis.

There are two basic massage methods:

First, use the index finger, middle finger, and nameless of one hand to massage the top of the head, use the middle finger to massage the position of the midline of the two eyebrows, and use the other two fingers to assist, and turn clockwise 30 times.

Afterwards, use the middle fingers of both hands to massage the outside of the ears of the eyebrows, with the help of the index finger and the ring finger, and slide the massage to the temples for 30 times in turn.

Precautions after getting rhinitis:

1. If you have rhinitis, you should use less air conditioners and fans, and try to avoid the contact of the nasal cavity with cold air and irritating gases. When the weather is too cold or the pollution is serious, try to wear a mask or go out less often. When the seasons change, you should pay special attention to weather changes, add or remove clothes in a timely manner, keep warm, and do not catch a cold.

2. Pay attention to nasal hygiene, do not touch the nasal cavity with hard objects or fingernails. You can use a cotton swab, a clean tissue, etc. to gently wipe the nasal cavity. Clean the nasal cavity with light salt water, which has the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

3. Clean, moist air is helpful for the treatment of rhinitis. After pouring hot water into the cup, inhale through the nose, and use water vapor to moisten the nasal cavity. Note that the water temperature should not be too high to avoid burns. There are no time or frequency requirements for this method, and it can be done at any time.

4. Especially in the changing seasons, pay attention to keep warm and not reduce clothes too quickly. Colds can easily lead to rhinitis attacks. Reduce exposure to irritating odors such as gasoline, paint, and cosmetics. And at this time, you also need to know precautions of Dubai massage for legs.

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