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Aromatherapy body massage involves a massage treatment using essential oil or euphoric,depending on their desired emotional response. This combination can also provide stress relief and pain relief, help aid a sleeping disorder or physical condition, or energize the mind and body.

Dubai Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage

The Body to Body Massage in Dubai takes the experience even deeper as your therapist uses her best performance to give you best experience.



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Dubai Massage Hotel Service

Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage is a massage that targets “adhesions,” or the soreness of a muscle group over-stressed by intensity or a new activity. Adhesions are those painful “knots” i.e., clumps of rigid tissue, that turn your otherwise great day.



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Dubai Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is our favorite massage, because it include all the massage techniques, using the best of oils, with long strokes, long enough so as to cover the whole body, from the head to toe.



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Dubai Japanese Massage
Japanese Massage

The Japanese Massage , is a form of massage that uses the hands, thumbs and the fingers to apply pressure to certain areas, and correct energy imbalances that are occurring within the body.




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