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Massage in Dubai is really a good way to reduce edema

In Dubai, heavy work pressure, disrupted lifestyle habits, sedentary, obesity, or metabolic decline due to illness and fatigue will cause edema to occur unexpectedly and become the culprit that affects your beauty. Body edema is a problem that many people will encounter, especially for office workers with heavy jobs, so how to eliminate body edema? Yes, a full body massage in Dubai is your best choice!

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Why is there edema?

You have the habit of drinking water before going to bed. If you also stay up late, the blood circulatory system is poor, and the water will stay in the capillaries, and even seep back into the skin, causing swelling.

It is an office worker. Prolonged sitting causes superficial varicose veins, increased capillary filtration pressure, body fluids accumulate in the gaps of loose connective tissues under the skin, and slow backflow, causing water and oil in the buttocks.

It is a "long standing clan"-flight attendants, teachers, doctors or shopping assistance. Standing for a long time will increase the secretion of aldosterone in the body and form water retention. Due to the influence of gravity, it will cause edema below the knees.

For edema on the body, we'd better try a Massage in Dubai at Home to deal with it.

First, take a bath for 20 minutes a day.

Taking a bath can dilate peripheral blood vessels, increase the force of squeezing blood vessels, increase the power of veins to return blood, and prevent excess water from accumulating on the extremities. When taking a bath, it can promote the circulatory system, strengthen the internal organs such as kidneys, liver, etc., and relax the whole body, expand blood vessels, increase elasticity, allow blood to circulate more smoothly throughout the body, metabolize the fatigue substance accumulated in the blood-lactic acid, and improve edema. In addition, taking a bath can also stimulate the right atrium of the heart to secrete peptides that can improve edema and further eliminate edema. Of course, taking a bath will help the lymphatic drainage of the extremities, increase metabolism, and avoid stagnation. Taking a bath with warm water of 38-42℃ for 20 minutes every day can also burn fat!

If it is not convenient for you to take a full body bath, you can also change to a foot bath. Soak in hot water at 40-42℃ for 20 minutes. The principle of osmotic pressure can also be used to stimulate peripheral nerves, improve lower body circulation problems and eliminate edema. When soaking the feet, because the ankle is the hub of the body's meridians running to the sole of the foot, the water depth should be at least higher than the ankle, and it is best to reach the calf. When you soak your feet at night, you can put some smooth little stones in the footbath, step on while soaking your feet, and do a foot massage by the way.

We all have the body lotion after taking a shower. After rubbing the body lotion and feeling the skin is moist and delicate, it is the best time to massage. The first step is to massage the calf with knuckles, and after stretching the calf muscles, the second step is to massage the calf from bottom to top like a "wringing towel". In the third step, use your thumb to press the hard part of the calf muscle. In the fourth step, make a fist with both hands and repeatedly scrape the calf upwards from both sides of the calf. The last step is to gently tap the calf to relax the muscles.

After massaging the calf, use the same technique to massage the thigh. After this set of massages, you will feel that your calves are significantly relaxed and the body milk is better absorbed. If you feel sore in the muscles at the beginning, it is normal, indicating that your edema is very serious and your leg muscles are also very tired. Massage every day will reduce the soreness, not only can effectively reduce edema, but also relax the leg muscles and improve sleep. Not only legs, you can also make a neck massage when you feel uncomfortable, but you should you take care of it.

There are also many office workers who have poor blood circulation in their legs due to prolonged sitting for a long time, which can cause swelling of their legs. Sometimes I stand for a long time, and when I go home, my legs will feel sore and sore. Just look in the mirror. Obviously a thick circle. Therefore, for this kind of edema, a body massage in Dubai is really a good way to reduce edema.

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