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What should I do to constipation in autumn? Body Massage in Dubai

As we all know, autumn is a very dry season, especially in Dubai, although the humidity has dropped, but the temperature is still very high. In this season, not only is the skin very dehydrated, but even constipation often comes to you. Constipation is a very troublesome thing, not only harmful to the stomach, but also very painful. Constipation caused by dryness in autumn can be adjusted through self-conditioning. A body massage in Dubai is the best way to deal with it! Let's take a look at it together.

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How to solve constipation in autumn?

In addition to eating, drinking, exercising, and adjusting the mood to relieve constipation, simple massage techniques also have a good effect on the treatment of constipation caused by autumn dryness. After waking up every morning, don't get up in a hurry, press around the belly button with your hands to rub your abdomen in circles, 100 times clockwise and counterclockwise, and your body will have obvious bowel movements. By doing this every day, your bowel movements will be smoother and your body will be healthier!

Lying in bed every night before going to bed or after waking up every morning, massage the abdomen clockwise with both hands in circular motions, which can also relieve the problem of constipation. However, it should be noted that the force should not be too strong, and it should not be too soft. When massaging, it can be used as an aid to massage oil, so that the massage will be so smooth.

Include dietary fiber in your diet

Dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis and improve constipation, so in your daily diet, you can appropriately add some whole grains or some fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber. But one thing to pay attention to here is to add coarse grains, not to completely replace refined grains with coarse grains, otherwise, although it can solve the problem of constipation, it will also damage gastrointestinal health.

In addition to environmental factors, constipation is also mostly caused by improper diet. Therefore, it is also very important to learn the correct diet in autumn. What kind of food can be called a qualified intestinal food? Mainly focus on two points. On the one hand, the water in the intestines must be sufficient. We have explained the necessity of sufficient water in the first point, so I will not repeat them here. On the other hand, rich dietary fiber is also one of the essential conditions for intestinal food. Dietary fiber is a very friendly substance to the human intestine. It can wrap food residues and make them fluffy. It will be easier and will not stick to the intestinal wall. At the same time, dietary fiber can also stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help the body to defecate more powerfully. Foods that moisten the intestines mainly include: oats, purple potatoes, corn, brown rice, dragon fruit, kiwi, bananas, celery and so on.

Regular exercise

Exercise is the source of life, a lot of exercise can stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, so that the problem of constipation can be solved. If the human body lacks exercise, the circulation in the body will be blocked, and the intestinal function will also decline. People who lack exercise for a long time will have a higher probability of constipation. Therefore, in autumn, people should pay more attention to physical exercise. Some aerobic exercises such as running, brisk walking, swimming, and skipping rope are all good ways to help defecation.

However, although exercise sounds simple, it is not easy to develop a regularity, especially for some people who have no foundation in exercise, you can start with low-intensity exercise and gradually increase the intensity. "Hell" difficulty, but I am a novice, so I can't stick to it no matter what. By this exercise, you can also make your arms slender.

Friends who have experienced constipation in autumn may wish to try the above methods and persist for a period of time to solve their troubles.

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