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Make your arms slender by Dubai Massage at home

The arms are one of the most obvious parts, and having slender arms can achieve an overall slimming effect. Every girl wants to show her charming arms, so how to lose weight the fastest? Today I recommend a set of simple and fast methods of Dubai massage at home to thin arms. Helps you reduce arm fat and shape the perfect curve of your arms.

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If you want to thin your arms, you can massage your arms to help your arms consume excess fat and expel excess water. You can also burn fat through exercise, such as push-ups or arm exercises, and this method usually does not require other equipment or venues, and can be practiced at home. Also pay attention to control your diet, eat less high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Causes of thick arms:

The thick upper arm is likely to be caused by poor lymphatic circulation in the upper limbs. Poor lymphatic circulation can easily lead to edema and poor blood circulation, which can easily lead to arm obesity.

Excessive intake of foods that are likely to cause body cold, such foods are likely to cause poor circulation of body fluids, resulting in water retention in the body, resulting in stagnant edema.

If you exercise too little, the fat accumulated in the arm will not be consumed, especially for students or office workers. Because of their busy studies or work, they usually do not have time to exercise, which will easily lead to the accumulation of fat in the arms.

A perfect woman must be beautiful no matter where she is, and her arms are no exception. The slack arms greatly affect the beauty of the figure, and at the same time it is easy to reveal the age! So how to thin the arms? So how to thin the arms the fastest? Get up and see! May I try a arm massage or a full body massage in Dubai?

Arm massage

At first, massage on the fat part of the arm, and then massage down in the direction of venous and lymphatic return, which is equivalent to expelling water into the armpit. The looseness of the arm is that the collagen fibers are affected, so we need to help it drain and increase the flow rate first.

In yoga, there is a vine-like action of wrapping the arms around each other, which can exercise the entire arm with the help of the mutual twisting force of the arms. Extend both hands, use one hand as a fixed base, twist and twist the other hand, try to do your best, hold for 1 minute, then let go of each other and relax for 10 seconds, repeat the movement of the other hand, the left and right are one group, practice 15 times a day. This action promotes blood flow back and forth, lifts loose fat, and is not as flexible as strong strength training, so it won't create muscle groups. We can use this action to tighten the muscles of the arm and make the arm curve thinner.

Twisting is one way of exercising the arms. Another lifting action is to stretch vertically, allowing the arms to stretch to the limit in a natural state, which can dredge the lymphatic channels in the shoulder and neck area, and promote detoxification and blood circulation. Lie on a bed or a yoga mat, stretch your hands back and keep your legs together. When you take a deep breath, use your arms forward to drive your body to sit up, try to let your fingertips touch your toes, and do your best. Sit up for 10 seconds, then slowly relax back and lie down, take two deep breaths and repeat the action. Before this massage, you can have a look of the precautions for that.

In addition, massage slowly in the direction of the arm for about 3-5 minutes every day also has a good effect of thinning the arm. Arm massage can promote the circulation of blood and lymph. Although it cannot help burn excess fat, it helps to eliminate excess fat. Moisture and firming skin, so it looks like there is a thin arm effect. The arm massage should be done from bottom to top, and it can also be combined with slimming oil or massage cream, the effect will be more obvious.

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