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What are the precautions for back massage in Dubai

Generally speaking, if you have just done a back massage, it is recommended that you keep warm and avoid the wind from window or AC, otherwise it is very likely to cause great damage to your back. We must pay attention to the protection of the lower body if you just get a full body massage in Dubai. People often pay attention to the upper body not to catch cold, but ignore the legs and feet.

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1. After the back massage, the pores on the back are in an open state. If you take a cold shower or blow cold wind at this time, it is easy to have a cold or a cold or a cold back because of the cold on the back. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the cold. Wear good clothes, avoid eating cold foods, take cold showers, and blow the air conditioner directly.

2. Drinking a cup of hot water for back massage can open the sweat pores, eliminate toxins in the body, and consume part of the body fluids in the body. After drinking a cup of hot water, not only can replenish the consumed water, but also promote metabolism and accelerate the discharge of metabolites.

Take a warm shower after 24 hours. Whether it is back massage or back stimulation during a Dubai massage full service, it is usually not suitable to take a bath immediately after the back massage, because after stimulating the back area, there will usually be slight exudation of body fluids from the soft tissues, and there may be slight bleeding. If you take a bath immediately, it is easy to aggravate the exudation and bleeding of the local soft tissue, resulting in local pain symptoms, and may also affect the massage effect. In addition, after the pores on the back are opened, bathing with cold water will lead to the invasion of cold air and muscle spasms. Therefore, it is advisable to wait 24 hours before taking a warm bath after the back. Once a week is appropriate.

Back massage can relieve local soft tissue pain and mild inflammation, promote local blood circulation, relieve local spasm, tension and other symptoms, and also detoxify and enhance the body's immunity. Generally, if the back soft tissue has no pain, injury or inflammatory diseases , once a week, do not do back massage treatment every day, to prevent excessive massage treatment, but will cause damage to the soft tissue of the back.

Why does my back hurt after doing it?

After a back massage, pain associated with:

Excessive force or frequent operations during massage or physiotherapy cause damage to the back muscles and soft tissues, causing pain. The pain lasts for a long time, and the local pain is relatively strong. Pay attention to rest. If the pain is serious, you can take painkillers. Damage can be recovered quickly.

To sum up, the problem that you should pay attention to after the back massage is to prevent cold, and there is the problem of taking a bath. Do not take a bath within eight hours after the massage. Be sure to drink a glass of warm water or warm salt water after the oil massage. This is what detoxification does. After paying all you attention to these tips, you will really get the benefits of daily massage in Dubai!

Also note a few things:

1. The location of the massage

When the lower abdomen is placed, the hand is placed at the position of the navel, but it can also be adjusted appropriately. The important thing is that when massaging, it is not just rubbing on the surface of the belly. Pressing this way can only rub the skin on the surface, but to soften the force. Make the final fever place in the abdomen.

2. Massage speed

When massaging the abdomen, the speed should also be reasonable, and the speed of the massage should be controlled within two or three seconds for a circle.

Don't go too fast, if it is too fast, it will affect the concentration, such intensity will also affect the health of the abdomen, and it will also increase the fatigue of the hands, which will greatly reduce the effect of massaging the abdomen. Heavy, painless is the best.

3. Direction

Remind everyone that when massaging the abdomen, you can use alternate clockwise and counterclockwise methods, first massage clockwise for two minutes, and then massage counterclockwise for two minutes, so that the belly feels slightly hot, this effect is the best.

But everyone should also pay attention, it is best not to exceed 5 minutes each time, and massage can be half an hour before going to bed or after meals. But for those with abdominal pain, pregnant women, or people who have just had surgery, don't blindly massage.

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