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Dubai Massage can help you fall asleep faster

In Dubai, insomnia is a common problem of modern people, and it could also be the biggest problem for these people. People who suffer from insomnia for a long time often suffer physically and psychologically. Because they can't sleep, many people even use alcohol and sleeping pills to fall asleep. If you get the drug dependence and alcohol dependence, making the physical condition worse. Today, I will tell you how to get a faster sleep by massage in Dubai.

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Japanese Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Full Service - Honey

Studies have pointed out that exercise can effectively improve insomnia. If you have sleep problems, you can try to exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc., which can have a good effect on the brain. Regular exercise can make people feel good, help relieve stress, reduce dream awakenings, and relieve symptoms of insomnia. Exercise below the moderate level can make people feel slightly tired, speed up the time to fall asleep, and deepen the depth of sleep.

In addition to exercise, massage before going to bed every night can also have a multiplier effect. We have 3 kinds of massage methods for fast falling asleep, you can try 1 type per day. If you insist on it for 7 days, you will find that your problem of falling asleep has been greatly improved.

Foot massage

Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed, or massage the soles of your feet 50 to 100 times from the inside to the outside with your hands to speed up blood circulation. You can use the sole of the right foot to massage the instep of the left instep, and then use the sole of the left foot to massage all parts of the instep of the right instep. Then massage the sole of the left foot with the right heel. Then use the left heel to massage the right sole for about 2 to 3 minutes. This method can eliminate foot fatigue. Can make people fall asleep as soon as possible. This kind of massage is really good for the people with low blood pressure.

Neck and shoulders Massage

That is, the two palms alternately massage the neck and shoulder muscles at a speed of twice a minute, focusing on both sides of the back of the neck for 1--2 minutes, which can relieve fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder lesions. It can also make you fall asleep quickly

Chest and back massage

Use the thumb side of the two palms to massage the back and front chest from top to bottom at a speed of twice a second, focusing on the front chest and back waist, for about 2 to 3 minutes, to allow your own blood circulation accelerate. Help you fall asleep quickly

In addition to the above massage methods, you can also try the full body massage in Dubai. And also you have a study of supplementing some foods containing adenosine before going to bed every night can also I improve sleep quality and sleep state. Light and nutritious sleep-aiding food can help people with insomnia to quickly enter a sleep state, especially the polysaccharide-rich polysaccharide, adenosine, which can calm the central nervous system, improve sleep quality, and improve sleep state. , relieve physical weakness, avoid the accumulation of lactic acid and free radicals, so that people with insomnia can sleep until dawn every night.

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