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Nurturing ovaries with a Dubai massage

Ovaries are a very important part of women because ovaries can not only produce eggs, but also secrete various hormones unique to women, which bring many benefits to women's health. Therefore, maintaining the health of the ovaries is something that especially women in Dubai should actively do. The ovaries are located deep in the abdomen, and it is best to use massage to promote their health. So what are the benefits of an independent ovarian or a full body massage in Dubai? How to maintain the ovaries daily? What foods are good for maintaining ovaries? Let's find out.

Honey (From Japan) can make the best body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage Full Service - Honey

If the ovary is well maintained, the facial skin can be made delicate, smooth, and very elastic; if the ovary is well maintained, it can promote reproduction and body health, regulate female hormones, and improve the quality of life of both sexes; if the ovary is well maintained, it can make the breasts plump , firm and round. So, how to maintain the ovaries?

The easiest way is of course to do a Dubai Massage at Home.

Massage the position of the lower abdomen, before going to bed every day, gently circle the lower abdomen with your hands clockwise for 2 minutes. If possible, trying an oil massage is the best option. Essential oil massage is to apply an imported essential oil extracted from plants to the lower abdomen, and then massage through special techniques. By stimulating some special sensitive areas, the "essential oil" penetrates into the body through the surface of the skin, thereby activating the pituitary gland. , prompting the ovaries to secrete estrogen and progesterone needed by women. Please note that, we recommend that Ovaries massage should not be used as an after-meal massage.

What do women eat to maintain their ovaries


Women who ate carrots an average of five times a week were 50 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer than the average woman, and experts in the United States came to a similar conclusion. Ovarian maintenance Eating carrots is not only helpful to the ovaries, but also can provide women with vitamin intake, which has a clearer effect.

Black beans

Compared with other beans containing phytoestrogens, black beans undoubtedly have the highest content. Long-term use of black beans to make soy milk is a very safe supplement for phytoestrogens and has a good effect on the maintenance of the uterus and ovaries.


Soybean is not only rich in high-quality protein, but also contains soy isoflavones, soybean lecithin, soybean saponins, soybean oligosaccharides, soybean dietary fiber, vitamin E and hydrolyzed soybean peptides and other substances, all of which have special physiological functions. It can delay aging, improve gastrointestinal function, lower blood pressure and lower blood lipids. Among them, soybean isoflavones are a class of secondary metabolites formed during soybean growth. Because it is extracted from plants and has a similar structure to estrogen, soy isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, can make up for the deficiency of insufficient estrogen secretion in women after the age of 30, improve skin moisture and elasticity, and protect women's ovarian health. Breast cancer prevention, etc.

The benefits of ovarian maintenance are to maintain women's healthy psychology, youthful state of mind, soothe their emotions, relieve tension and stress, boost their mood, and make women energetic and confident.

If the ovary is not well maintained, premature ovarian failure will occur. The skin of premature ovarian failure will be loose, inelastic, wrinkled, and stained. Later, problems such as gynecological diseases, early menopause, and amenorrhea may occur.

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