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Dubai Massage can help prevent sagging breasts

It is possible to prevent or improve breast sagging through a massage in Dubai at home. Breast sagging is more common in women after breastfeeding. Due to the need for breastfeeding, the breasts will expand and change. When breastfeeding ends, the mammary glands will atrophy and breasts may appear the sagging. At this time, the mother can perform breast massage by herself, mainly to lift the breast, push the breast from the bottom to the top, and improve the breast sagging. At the same time, mothers are also required to wear appropriate size underwear to raise the breasts and reduce breast sagging. The diet also needs to be adjusted. Eating some soy products, dairy products, fungi foods, and nuts foods is helpful for breast health and can help improve the symptoms of sagging breasts.

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Reasonable massage can make the pectoral muscles under the breasts of women grow, and the enlargement of the breasts can make the breasts protrude, so it seems that the breasts will become larger. Nowadays, many fitness centers have the slogan of losing weight and strengthening the chest, which leads many people to think that as long as there is a guided chest exercise, the chest can be enlarged. In fact, the chest cannot be improved completely through exercise, because the breast does not muscles, but exercise can make the chest healthy and elastic, and the correct body posture is also conducive to the chest become elastic, so you can do more exercises to exercise the back and shoulders when exercising, such as swimming, Upper body exercises are a good way to keep your chest in shape

Precautions for breast massage:

1. The breasts are very delicate. Violent massage is not recommended, especially for breast nodules, or some people use the method of dredging the meridians to press violently. This situation is firmly opposed. Some mothers during lactation have very swollen milk. In this case, manual massage is used to discharge milk to ensure smooth milk, no stasis, and prevent mastitis. At this time, you should be careful not to use violent massage. Now some breastfeeding masters are too strong and will cause damage to the breasts.

2. You can massage both sides of the liver meridian: for example, massage the two flanks, and achieve the purpose of breast health by dredging the liver meridian. And if you have more time, it is better to have a full body massage in Dubai, it can give much more than an easy massage for just some minutes.

3. Breast skin care can be done: Slight massage will not damage the breast, the premise is that all operations cannot violently damage the milk duct or areola and other breast structures.

All in all, breast sagging massage is useful. Breast sagging refers to the breast under reasonable circumstances, especially in young women, the horizontal position of the nipple should be above the fold under the breast. If it falls below it, it is the so-called breast sagging lower. By this massage, you can also fall sleep faster in the night,

Generally, regular massage will have a certain therapeutic effect on breast sagging. Every night before going to bed or before getting up, women can lie on the bed and massage by themselves, and put the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of one hand together on the opposite breast, with the nipple as the center, circle clockwise from the outer edge of the breast to the inner side. Do 10-15 times on each side of the breast, which can promote local blood circulation in breast, increase the nutritional supply of the breast, and facilitate the secretion of estrogen. In addition, if it is convenient, you can also use essential oils for massage, which can also play the same role.

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