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Dubai Massage Can Relieve Tension Headaches

A friend of mine is a young bank clerk. The work is stressful and labor-intensive. In the afternoon, the pain in the head continues to be swollen. It feels as if the head is being tightened, and it spreads from the sides of the head to the neck. Recently, she also felt memory loss and significantly decreased sleep quality, which seriously affected her daily life. In fact, this is the general manifestation of tension headache, which is common among Dubai urban white-collar workers. To relieve tension headaches, I think we can try some head or full body massage in Dubai.

Yuri is from Japan, she is really good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
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Tension headaches are mainly caused by the following factors:

1. Stress and mental tension are the most common causes of tension headaches. Such as work and study pressure, prolonged depression or anxiety. As mentioned earlier, maybe because your children are all working outside the home, and your wife passed away a few years ago, you will often feels anxious and needs to take medicine for a long time. This emotional factor has a lot to do with headache attacks.

2. In addition, studies have shown that muscle tension can also cause headaches. For example, facing computer work for a long time and the most popular nowadays, bowing your head and brushing your mobile phone, etc.

3. Lifestyle factors such as physical exertion, irregular or inappropriate diet, excessive caffeine intake or withdrawal, dehydration, sleep disturbance, lack of exercise, abuse of pain medication, and menstrual cycles can all contribute to Headache.

When a tension headache occurs, the pain is often manifested as distending pain, pressure, and numbness. Pain, and sometimes one or more hard nodules, can be felt when light pressure is applied to the muscles of the back of the head and neck, occiput, or shoulder. Often due to fatigue, excitement, insomnia, anxiety or menstrual cramps and other incentives aggravated. If you have the symptoms listed above, and your tests rule out other medical conditions, you are likely to have a "tension headache." At the same time, by the massage, you can even prevent sagging breasts.

Tension headache is a kind of pain caused by muscle tension around the head and neck. Treatment should start by removing the cause of muscle tension. If it is caused by tension, you must learn to self-regulate your emotions, such as taking deep and slow breathing; if it is caused by bad posture, you must adjust your posture in time to reduce the time you spend working with your head down. Generally, every 1 to 2 hours of work, you should take a break. Or walk around to relax your shoulder and neck muscles. In addition, pay attention to the sleeping position, and the pillow should not be too high.

A body to body massage in Dubai can improve the blood circulation of the head and neck, and play the role of dredging collaterals and relieving pain through the regulation of blood circulation. It is the best for young patients with a short course of disease. Here, I recommend that people with this condition can do self-massage. Everyone can do self-treatment after work or before going to bed at home.

Use the middle fingers of both hands to massage in circles on the temples, the headache can be relieved. Or you can also massage the pain points: put the ten fingertips of both hands on the most painful part of the head, and perform a quick massage like a hair comb to relieve the pain.

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