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What are the benefits of massaging after bathing?

Massage is becoming more and more popular now. Many people may go for massage regularly because they don’t have time to exercise. Some people may often feel uncomfortable, so they will use massage for treatment, especially after taking a bath, the body’s blood circulation Speed ​​up, massage is the best at this time, so what are the benefits of a full body massage in Dubai after bathing?

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After a long period of physical work or working in a stressful environment, many people want to relax. Bathing and massage is the way many people choose to relax. Bathing and massage can eliminate physical fatigue and at the same time Relieve the pressure in daily work and life, but bath massage also needs to pay attention to some methods, so what are the precautions for bath massage?

Massage after bathing can promote blood circulation, better relax body muscles, promote the function of lymph nodes, and make you more comfortable, especially chest massage, which can have a good health care function for breasts.

1. Adjust the bath water to about 40°C, which is slightly higher than the body temperature.

2. Enter the bathtub, scrub the whole body with cotton gauze gloves to make the whole body warm.

3. Massage the breasts with your hands.

4. Hold the brush from the inner side of the breast along the line under the breast, and brush the breast outward like an arc.

5. Turn on the large nozzle, rinse the breasts while brushing, apply moisturizing cream after bathing, and gently massage clockwise with both hands for 10 minutes. You can also gently wipe with a cold towel to shrink the skin.

6. If the breasts are too small, use a towel to do cold compresses and hot compresses alternately, alternately every 10 minutes.

7. If the breasts are too large, take a bath with cold water.

8. If the breasts are sagging, it is best to use the shower head to rush up from the lower part of the breasts, and massage around the nipples in a circular manner, so as to increase the tissue tension and make the breasts firm.

When bathing and massaging, we will be in an environment with relatively thin air for a long time. For some people who are not in good health, it is best not to try this relaxation method lightly. Not everyone is suitable for massage. , we need to understand our own body before implementing this relaxation method. And at the same time, it is also a good way to help cerebral insufficiency.

Dubai Massage with Full Service is best performed after bathing, because after bathing, blood circulation is accelerated and body temperature rises, which is likely to produce better results. Before going to sleep, massage your face with a relaxed mood, which is very helpful for the recovery of skin elasticity.

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