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Dubai Massage improves cerebral insufficiency

In Dubai, insufficiency of cerebral blood supply is a relatively common disease. Insufficiency of cerebral blood supply is caused by blockage of blood vessels in the brain and poor blood flow caused by compression. After the lack of blood supply to the brain, most people generally experience dizziness, headache, and sometimes cervical vertebra disease. After the occurrence of this disease, it must be treated in time. People with insufficient cerebral blood supply can also have neck massage or a full body massage in Dubai to improve symptoms.

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Full Body Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Body to Body

Long-term malnutrition and cerebrovascular disease may cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. After the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain occurs, it will also cause some harm and impact on the body of most people, so after the occurrence of insufficient blood supply to the brain Relevant treatment measures are required.

People suffering from cerebral insufficiency can be treated with drugs. Drug regulation has a certain effect on the improvement of the disease. In addition, other effective treatment methods can be used to control the disease and avoid the aggravation and deterioration of the disease. But if there are only very mild symptoms, most people can try some body massage in Dubai, which is very helpful for the improvement and recovery of the condition.

The common causes of cerebral ischemia are atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cervical spondylosis. Therefore, neck massage can be performed on the patient. The common method is to squeeze the neck muscle 30-50 times with the right thumb and the other four fingers, or use one Put the palm of the hand behind the neck, and rub it 30-50 times until the skin on the neck feels warm.

Insufficient blood supply to the brain can be massaged. Insufficient blood supply to the brain can be divided into insufficient blood supply to the anterior circulation of the brain and insufficient blood supply to the posterior circulation of the brain. The posterior circulation runs from the cervical spine, which is the bivertebral and basilar arteries of the posterior circulation. If the cervical vertebra is particularly bad and the intervertebral disc is herniated, the corresponding dural sac and nerve root will be compressed, which will also affect the blood flow rate of the double vertebrae and the base of the posterior circulation. At this time, massaging the neck can significantly improve the blood supply of the posterior circulation. .

For insufficient blood supply to the brain in the anterior circulation, head massage can also be performed. After massaging the head, the blood flow of the blood vessels outside the carotid artery is smooth, which can be compensated by the ophthalmic artery and other perforating arteries to improve the blood supply of the internal carotid artery. Therefore, the lack of blood supply to the brain can be massaged. If you have enough time, you can also try a back massage after the head, you will get more double effect once.

If it is usually only for temporary relief of stress and refreshment, the above massage is effective, but if there is a real pain, hand massage alone cannot achieve the effect, and it is still necessary to find the cause and cure it.

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