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Essential Oil Massage in Dubai can make your skin firmer!

Essential oils are now recognized by more and more people in terms of skin care effects, so the correct use of essential oils on the face can achieve even more obvious results. If you can use the essential oils in your hand to do some essential oil massage in Dubai, you will definitely have a different fineness! Essential oils, like general cosmetics, can be absorbed by the skin only when used correctly. However, many people do not use essential oils correctly, resulting in unsatisfactory essential oils. How to use facial essential oils to achieve the best skin care effects? I will introduce you in detail below.

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Steps of how to use facial oil

1 Pour 2-3 drops of the prepared massage oil into the palm of your hand and apply it on the face from the bottom up; on the forehead, apply it from the inside out.

2 From the forehead to the temple position, massage with the fingertips in a spiral pattern.

3 Use the pulp of your finger to gently press in dots around the eyes.

4 Use the pulp of your four fingers to massage your cheeks from bottom to top in a spiral pattern.

5 Use the pulp of your four fingers to push from bottom to top and massage your chin.

Many women know the benefits of essential oils. Essential oils extracted from a single plant are called unilateral essential oils. They are not only natural, healthy and safe, but also have good skin care effects. However, be very careful when using unilateral essential oils, because the amount of unilateral essential oils used is 3 to 5 drops at a time. Once the amount is too much, it will cause damage to the skin.

The concentration of unilateral essential oils is high, and the dosage should be less than too much, otherwise, the high concentration will burn the skin, causing the skin to become red, itchy and sensitive. At the same time, unilateral essential oils cannot be directly applied to the skin without dilution. Usually, they can be used in skin care and can be used in conjunction with base oils, but cannot be directly applied to the face. High-concentration product ingredients will also burn the facial skin. Only a few single essential oils can be used directly.

3 common uses of single essential oils:

1. Body care: The body formula is usually 5 drops of single essential oil + 10 ml of base oil, which is also spread evenly on the body, and massaged to promote absorption.

2. Facial care: DIY compound essential oil, the facial formula is usually 3 drops of single essential oil + 10 ml of base oil, and then it can be applied to the face with botanical skin care products for care.

3. Aromatherapy use: Single essential oils can be used in a special aromatherapy furnace, or 3~5 drops of each time can be dissolved in water, placed in a humidifier, and scattered into the air with the steam of the humidifier.

Other skin care uses of single essential oils:

1. Oil massage skin care method

Dilute the essential oil into vegetable oil or fragrance-free lotion, and add 2-6 drops of pure essential oil to 10ml of base oil, then massage the skin after cleansing, or do a full body massage in Dubai after bathing, and local massage can also be done during massage Use a hot towel before and after to promote absorption. Massage is the most effective and commonly used method in the use of essential oils for skin care. This kind of essential oil massage can also help you about constipation in autumn!

2. Essential oil bath skin care method

Put 6-8 drops of pure essential oil into the warm water of the bathtub for a bath or foot bath, and soak for about 15-20 minutes for the whole body to relax. You can drop 2-3 kinds of any essential oils you like, except those that are not suitable for bathing. Sensitive skin can be diluted with milk or base oil before dripping into the bath water to prevent irritation and allergies. After bathing, the compound essential oil can be used to massage the whole body, which can play a very good role in skin care and maintenance.

3. Oil skin care

Drop 1~2 drops of pure essential oil into 200ml of cold or hot water, soak a small towel in the water, then take out the towel and apply it on the affected area for about 1~2 minutes, repeating this process. This method is mainly used to deal with some problematic skin, such as sunburn, eczema, allergies, etc.

4. Essential oil homemade face wash skin care

Add 500ml of warm water to the washbasin, drop 1-2 drops of pure essential oil, gently remove the essential oil with your hands, and then wash your face. Such as rose essential oil, neroli essential oil, etc. The morning is perfect for an essential oil face wash to wake up the skin.

5. Essential oil Homemade Toner

Add 50ml of pure water to the spray bottle, then drop in 10-20 drops of pure essential oil, shake vigorously and use as a toner. Carry a bottle of homemade essential oil toner with you and spray the essential oil on your face to not only hydrate your skin but also improve your mood!

6. Essential oil steam face skin care

Add boiling water to a large bowl, then drop 1-2 drops of pure essential oil suitable for you, cover your head with a large towel, lean over so that your face is directly above the large bowl, close your eyes, steam your face for 5 minutes, It can unclog and clean pores. If you have a face steamer suitable for dripping essential oils, you can add 1 drop of pure essential oil to the steamer to steam your face, and you can also have fair and transparent skin!

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