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Dubai Massage Can Relieve Cramps

In Dubai, people's favorite sport is to swim at the beach. It is a very happy thing to swim with the sun and breeze, but it must be noted that you must not cramp while swimming. Leg cramps are indeed a part of people's daily life. One of the biggest troubles of snoring is not only in sleep, but also in outdoor activities and swimming in cold weather. Especially the latter two, the sudden occurrence may even injure the body or endanger life, so don't take it lightly. A leg cramp is actually a contraction of a muscle that is strongly stimulated, most commonly in the calf and toes. I believe that many people have experienced leg cramps in life, especially when the weather is cold or during long-term exercise, leg cramps are more likely to occur.

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The "disease" of cramps is not too big or too small, but we must pay attention to it. A cramp is a muscle spasm. Leg cramps are mostly caused by calcium deficiency, cold, and local neurovascular compression. We believe that a full body massage in Dubai can be used to prevent and treat leg cramps.

Cramps are muscle contractions that cause them to become stiff and spasm. Leg cramps, also known as gastrocnemius spasms, are symptoms of muscle twitching, spasm, and difficulty walking on one side of the lower extremity. There are many reasons for leg cramps, such as insufficient calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, insufficient warm-up, excessive exercise, physical fatigue, muscle strain, too much temperature difference, long lumbar spine spurs, spondylolisthesis, stimulation of nearby nerves, caused by cardiovascular disease, brain stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans caused by diabetes, and even unknown causes may all cause leg cramps

In the event of a sudden cramp, the most direct way to relieve it is to massage the area where the spasm occurs. Use the thumb of the other hand to forcefully align the other four fingers, and repeatedly pinch the muscles on the back of the calf of the affected limb from top to bottom for a few minutes. Flip your toes in the opposite direction of the force and hold for a minute or two to get results. Specifically, if the muscles in the back of the calf cramp, you can pull the toes on one side to make the foot stand up and straighten the knee joint; if the muscles in the front of the calf cramp, you can press the foot and bend the toes. After that, you can walk down the ground and push the ground with the forefoot of the affected leg, so that the pain disappears. These method of Dubai massage at home can help you avoid and relieve cramp.

To prevent leg cramps, we can usually supplement calcium in moderation, get more sun exposure, pay attention to local warmth, and also pay attention to changes in body position, such as sitting and sleeping positions, to avoid neurovascular compression. You can also do local muscle hot compresses, massage, strengthen local blood circulation, if there is no improvement, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment. By the help of massage, you can also relieve tension headaches!

To deal with "leg cramps", you should also "prevent problems before they happen." It is recommended to drink more soy milk and milk, eat more foods with high calcium content such as vegetables and meat; wear more clothes after the weather is cold, and pay attention to keep the calves warm when sleeping. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed and pay attention to your sleeping position.


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