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4 Dubai Massage Techniques to Relieve Fatigue

In this fast-paced era of Dubai, due to the increasing social pressure, Dubai people's work pressure is increasing day by day. Many office workers will be overworked due to working overtime and staying up late for a long time. May cause some disease problems. Physical fatigue is very common. You can use some simple Dubai Body Massage methods to eliminate physical and mental fatigue.

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Everyone can use some daily massage methods to relieve, not only can improve physical pain, but also play a role in decompression and anti-fatigue. So how to massage to relieve fatigue? Today I will introduce 4 massage techniques to relieve physical fatigue.

1, facial massage. After brain fatigue, massage the forehead can be used to refresh the mind, and it can also delay the production of wrinkles. You can also massage the ears back and forth with the palm of your hand, about 50 times. By stimulating the ears, you can also eliminate physical fatigue and enhance your hearing function. At the same time, you can use the index fingers of both hands to massage both sides of the bridge of the nose, which can maintain the smoothness of the nasal cavity, and can also play a role in preventing colds and rhinitis. And by this massage, you can also make your skin firmer!

2, foot massage. Use the left hand to massage the sole of the right foot, about 50 times, and then rub the sole of the left foot with the right hand. The feet are also known as the second heart. Regularly rubbing the soles of the feet can promote the blood circulation of the body, improve the fatigue state of the body, and also play a role in enhancing physical fitness.

3, neck massage. Put the towel on the back of the neck, then hold the towel on both sides with both hands and move the towel back and forth to massage the neck muscles, which can soften the neck muscles and relieve the fatigue of the neck muscles.

4, head massage. Press the forehead with the palms of both hands, then massage firmly to the top of the head, then place the hands on the ears and gently rub the top of the head. It can play a role in regulating blood circulation, and it can also improve the discomfort caused by overuse of the brain.

There are still many kinds of full body massage in Dubai techniques to relieve fatigue, and the specific method to choose to relieve depends on the specific fatigue part and degree of the body. If you choose according to your actual situation, you can have a better relief effect. You should also pay attention to your personal diet and reduce the intake of various irritating foods. Moreover, you should arrange your own life rhythm reasonably, adjust your regular work and rest, and ensure adequate sleep time, so as to better relieve physical fatigue.

What to eat to prevent fatigue

1. Increasing the intake of alkaline foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, bacteria and algae, milk, etc., can neutralize a large amount of acidic substances (lactic acid) in the body to relieve fatigue.

2. Increase fish (especially marine fish) rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as mackerel, salmon, silverfish, herring and herring.

3. Eat more foods rich in B vitamins and trace elements calcium, magnesium and other anti-stress nutrients. B vitamins are natural antidote to relieve stress and nourish nerves; people with calcium deficiency are always exhausted, exhausted, and nervous. Tension, unable to relax, and the fatigue caused by work cannot be relieved.

4. Pay attention to the intake of foods containing coenzyme Q, such as mackerel, wheat bran, sesame, legumes, sardines, spinach and peanuts, which can enhance endurance and are important for the production of all cellular energy in the body.

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