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Breast massage in Dubai makes breasts more beautiful

Having a proud breast is a Dubai girl's greatest confidence. By a correct and suitable body massage in Dubai, we can not only promote blood circulation, but also achieve the effect of breast enhancement. Women's breasts need careful maintenance. From the beginning of development to maturity, this time is a critical period for breast maintenance. In order to have perfect breasts, we must not neglect breast maintenance. What breast massage techniques do you know? Today, I will tell you how to properly massage the breast, come and have a look.

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Daily breast massage in Dubai

(1) Press the nipple first

a. Hold one hand from under the breast and gently rub the areola towards the armpit, and squeeze the other hand gently.

b. Use the index finger and middle finger to hold the nipple tightly against the chest, and gently pull it out, be careful not to pull it out.

c. Use the index finger and middle finger to close the chest and clamp the nipple, gently press the fingers and tighten them slightly, and rotate in a circular arc.

(2), press the breast again

a. Press the underarm area with one hand, hold one breast with the palm of the other hand and push it upwards gently.

b, both hands close to the breast and massage from the inside to the outside.

c. Put one hand on the sternum, and make a spiral massage towards the armpit.

d. Hold the breast with one hand, and gently tap the breast with the other hand from bottom to top. Don't beat the breast. The length of time can be controlled by yourself. The number of times should not be too much.

After the home massage in Dubai for the upper part of the chest, it is time to start the lower part of the work. Put the palms of both hands together, starting from the part where the lower edge of one side of the chest meets the rib cage, and push the chest upward with a balanced force with four fingers side by side. The force should not be too strong, and the action should be gentle and slow. This action can make the chest grow upward and become more firm and elastic. At the same time, it can also move the fat on the lower edge of the chest to the chest. Repeat this action 3-5 times. Must be slow. By the massage, you can also relieve cramps at the same time.

Breast enhancement diet

Small breasts are often due to malnutrition, so they need a lot of nutrition, so diet breast enhancement is the fastest way to increase breasts for a thin person. If you want to make your breasts sexy, you can eat protein-rich foods, such as fish, shrimp, beef, eggs, milk and soybeans, because protein-rich foods enter the body, which can make muscles, especially the pectoralis major strengthened. When the number and quality of the muscles of the chest increase, it can play a good role in lifting the thymus, and thus have the effect of breast enhancement.

In the process of breast enhancement diet, you should also pay attention to the intake of fatty acids, especially nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios that are relatively rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid. A good supplement can also have a good breast enhancement effect.

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