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Precautions for Prostate Massage in Dubai

Men in Dubai are very likely to have some prostate disease when they reach middle age. Many people take prostate massage to treat prostatitis. But we must know that prostate massage in Dubai at home is only suitable for people with chronic prostatitis, not for acute prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis. So what should be paid attention to in prostate massage for patients with chronic prostatitis?

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The so-called prostate massage is one of the methods of treating prostate diseases. By regularly massaging the prostate, it can drain prostatic fluid and expel inflammatory substances. This can relieve the stagnation of prostatic secretions, improve local blood circulation, and promote the absorption and subsidence of inflammation. However, due to the particularity of the prostate, the following points need to be paid attention to when performing prostate massage:

1. If there is obvious tenderness in the prostate, it means that the patient has acute inflammation. In this case, it is not suitable for prostate massage, so it is best not to massage.

2. Before performing the body to body massage in Dubai, in addition to ensuring that you combine hygiene. To trim the nails, do not massage the prostate with your fingertips, so as not to cause damage to the prostate.

3. The technique for beginners is usually too light to achieve the effect of massage, and should be appropriately aggravated. Usually the force of pulling the index finger back into the table with the open drawer is appropriate, but remember not to use force.

4. We can remind the operator of our personal experience during prostate massage examination in the hospital. If we have mastered the above massage essentials, we can also try the massage ourselves, but it may be a little technically difficult. By the correct method of massage, you can even get more powerful sexual performance!

Many people know that if the prostate is not properly cared for, it is likely to suffer from prostate disease, and the prostate massager is a health massage product currently on the market to relieve prostate disease. However, due to improper personal use and other reasons, there will be some harm in the process of using the prostate massager. Let's take a look at it together.

The hazards of using the prostate massager

1. During prostate massage, some people's bowel movements frequency and physical properties will change, and this phenomenon will disappear automatically after the massage treatment.

2. Although the prostate massager has a certain effect on massaging the prostate, it is a machine after all. It is not convenient to use by hand, nor can it operate completely according to the characteristics of the prostate, so it is recommended to massage by hand.

3. If the prostate massager cannot be used correctly, it will bring some serious harm, which will make the prostate uncomfortable and cause local damage.

The above are some precautions for prostatitis massage. Since prostatitis is a very common disease, and the age range of the affected population is very large, it is not easy to take time to go to the hospital to massage the prostate every day. Therefore, people can choose to massage at home in Dubai, but they must pay attention to the technique. In addition, patients with prostatitis must pay attention to a healthy diet, reduce smoking and drinking, and drink less coffee and tea. When the condition is serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, and don't take the disease lightly to cause more harm to yourself.

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