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What are the benefits of a body massage after running?

In Dubai, with the arrival of winter, the temperatures become more and more suitable for outdoor sports. As a sport with a low threshold and easy for people to participate, running has unique advantages. As long as you have time and wear the right equipment, you can run and enjoy the joy of exercise. But even this simple and easy exercise often causes people some minor injuries. Currently, massage and stretching are considered the best ways to prevent injuries and recover from injuries. Actually, if you have enough time, a full body massage in Dubai will be the best choice.

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For long-distance or long-term running, the most common types of injuries are chronic injuries, with symptoms mostly occurring in the knees, ankles, feet and lower back. After an injury occurs, many runners will choose to seek medical treatment and rest. These are all great options, but nipping them before they happen is the most important thing.

Proper massage can soothe nerves, help you recover faster from the fatigue of long-distance running, and can also effectively prevent injuries. Let me now explain to you the benefits of massage after running.

Why do you need a massage after running?

Most people's legs will be sore or swollen after running. This is mainly because when running, the body relies on the legs to stride forward, and blood is concentrated in the leg muscles. After running, the blood has not returned to the body, so the legs will be swollen. a feeling of. Soreness is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid produced during exercise. These are normal phenomena that occur during exercise. If you want to relieve swelling and soreness in your legs after running, just give your legs a gentle massage.

Running will more or less cause you some injuries, whether acute or chronic. Some runners will experience varying degrees of adverse reactions in their bodies after long periods of running training or competition. At this time, through correct massage and stretching, you can stretch muscles and tendons, stretch bones and blood vessels, eliminate tension and pain in body parts, enhance body flexibility, and achieve protective effects.

What are the benefits of a post-run massage?

Proper massage before running can effectively reduce muscle viscosity and muscle tension, thereby making the human body's movement system reach a state suitable for exercise. Massage after running can promote the elimination of fatigue and restore muscle activity. And you also need to pay attention to massage in Dubai winter.

Elastic muscles are the most suitable for exercise, and massage can promote and help muscle strength and movement speed. In principle, many running foot and knee injuries can be prevented and alleviated through effective pre- and post-running massage.

For example, in the knee joint, some runners experience pain around the medial and lateral joint capsules of the knee joint after running. In severe cases, it can lead to limited flexion and extension of the knee joint and slow movement. For this symptom, it is recommended to focus on massaging the muscles around the thighs when warming up before running. This will significantly relieve your knee pain.

How to massage your legs after running?

Starting from the feet and slowly working from bottom to top, massage the muscles with appropriate force. When enjoying the Dubai massage full service, gently rub the muscles with your palms, and be particularly careful not to use excessive force, as this will have counterproductive effects. Proper use of massage oil can make the massage movements smoother and help relax and recover.

1. Foot massage

Foot massage can start from the toes, leaning the toes up against the wall, keeping the arches and heels of the feet straight, and stretching the toes. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Or, you can find a chair to sit down and press each toe with both hands. It should be noted that the massage force must be appropriate, otherwise there will be pain.

After pressing the toes, use your thumbs to press the soles and insteps of the feet, and then push toward the ankles until you feel a comfortable feeling in the soles of your feet. When massaging the soles of your feet, you can put a plastic bottle filled with water under your feet and roll it back and forth. This is a convenient and labor-saving massage method.

2. Calf massage

The calf muscles can be the most important for running. Before massaging the calf, you must also ensure the temperature of the calf muscles. Then use your fingers to massage the muscles on the back of the calf, starting from the ankle and slowly pushing upward. Your fingers should stay more on the ankle area because the calves take a lot of impact during running. Then change your fingers into fists and massage the muscles on the back of your calf with greater force, especially the area where you feel pain. The order is still from bottom to top. After about a minute or two of massage, it's time to switch to one leg and continue the above steps.

3. Knee massage

When massaging your knees, sit on a chair and straighten your legs naturally. Use both hands to massage the muscles around the knee. Repeat several times and then switch to another foot to continue the massage. It is easy to have some tender points around the knee joint, usually on the medial or lateral side. When you find the tender points on the inner and outer sides, you can use your thumbs to massage them from light to heavy. It is best if you feel soreness.

Next, you need to massage the patella, which buckles on people's knee joints like a pot lid. Use one or two palms to slowly press it on the top of the patella, and then slowly apply pressure from light to heavy, and rub it back and forth for about three minutes.

4. Thigh massage

When massaging your thighs, it’s best to lie down flat. Different from massaging other parts, massaging the thighs requires you to use both hands, because the muscles of the thighs are mostly thick and the effect cannot be achieved with one hand. First, massage the muscles in the front of the thigh, starting from the knee upward, and press repeatedly about 5 to 10 times.

Then make your hands into fists and continue massaging this part of the muscles with one hand. If you still feel that it is not enough, you can also use some massage tools. Then start massaging the muscles in the back. The specific method is roughly the same as the front.

After finishing a run, runners often need to complete a relaxation step before they can truly complete the run. In order to effectively eliminate fatigue, it is recommended that runners should massage the muscles and joints of their legs after completing stretching and cooling down exercises step by step. If you take a hot bath, your muscles will become softer and more relaxed, and the massage effect will become better.


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