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You need pay attention to massage in Dubai in winter

In Dubai, real cold winter is getting closer and closer, and the weather is slowly turning cooler, bringing many uncomfortable symptoms to people. In fact, people are most likely to ignore the problem of keeping their bodies warm, especially joints and other parts that are most susceptible to cold during this period and can easily cause some diseases, so we need to pay attention to it. In winter, massage in Dubai is actually the best way to keep the body warm. But when massaging in winter, you must pay attention to some issues.

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Generally speaking, during winter massage, you need to keep your body warm to avoid catching cold. Massage can keep the body warm, promote blood circulation in the skin and relieve fatigue. When massaging, it is best to find an experienced masseur. Choose some large massage centers or corresponding institutions for massage, which can ensure the accuracy of the massage and avoid damage to skin tissue. The best time for each massage is 20 minutes.


Before the massage, it is best to take a hot shower. Generally, larger beauty salons have shower rooms, because you cannot take a shower for a few hours after the massage. The purpose of showering is not only to cleanse the body, but also to relax oneself, thereby making the massage effect better. Do not eat within one hour before and after the massage. But drink plenty of water to make your body's circulation smoother, enhance your metabolism, and eliminate toxins.


Before having a massage, it is recommended to temporarily remove body accessories and jewelry, so that you can fully devote yourself to the enjoyment of the massage.


Before your first massage, you should fully communicate with the your Dubai Massage Girls, such as your massage experience, physical health, strength requirements, etc. If it coincides with your period, it is generally not recommended to have a body massage.


After the massage, drink plenty of water. If it is winter, pay attention to windproof and warm to avoid catching cold.


Finally, and most importantly, during the entire massage process, you must put aside distracting thoughts and relax. Only in this way can the massage play its role in relieving stress and relieving fatigue. If not in winter, you also need to pay attention to some other points.


And in order to increase the body's ability to resist cold, regular massage of the feet and waist is very useful. For example, use your thumbs to press the medial malleolus on both sides, then rotate left and right for a while, and then use your thumbs to press a little harder on the depressions on the front of the soles of the feet on both sides, or press on the depressions between the back of the medial malleolus and the heel tendons. You can also press both hands on both sides of the abdomen and use your middle finger to press the waist and eye points until the local area becomes warm.

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