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Use Massage In Dubai To Moisturize Your Skin

Does massage in Dubai have any effect on the skin? How to moisturize the skin? How does massage affect the skin? What details should we pay attention to? Next, please read the detailed analysis of the following article. The most inconspicuous method can also get shocking skin beautification effects! By these kinds of Dubai Body Massage, you can develop these beauty habits slowly, or you can see results immediately.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

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1. Neck care massage is very important

Who said that beauty only needs a face? The neck has become as important as the face. The care procedure is the same as that of the face. Cleanse first, then apply a non-alcoholic toner, and then apply a neck cream. At this time, the massage will absorb the neck cream. Very important function: First apply the neck cream on the back, hold the left neck from the chest with the right hand and massage from the back neck to the front neck, and vice versa, hold the right neck with the left hand and massage from the back neck to the front neck. This massage can also help skin stay away from dry.

Then, lower your head and use both hands to directly massage the nape of your neck. Finally, massage the front neck, the direction is from the bottom to the top, the massage should be gentle. If you don't have time in the morning, you can simplify the steps, but you must not be lazy at night. This Dubai Full Body Massage on the back cannot be omitted. Neck wrinkles are often formed from the back of the neck and then spread to the front of the neck. Therefore, the anti-wrinkle of the neck should start from the skin of the back of the neck.

2. Three good habits to cultivate soft and delicate lips

1) Keep away from irritating substances: Whether it is lipstick, toothpaste or mouthwash, as long as it contains mint, it should be used sparingly. Although mint can bring a refreshing taste, it is easy to irritate the lips and cause dryness. Foods such as yam, mango, natto, etc. are likely to cause itchy lips. If you have had any related conditions, you should eat less.

2) Olive oil makeup remover: No matter how gentle the eye and lip makeup remover is, it will be irritating to the skin. Therefore, you might as well use olive oil to remove the lipstick, not only clean, but also moisturize the delicate lips.

3) Vaseline + Honey: When watching TV every night, you can mix honey with Vaseline and apply it on your mouth. If you stick to it for a week, you will be pleasantly surprised.

3. Stay up late and work overtime, wash your face early and make your skin better

The biological clock of the human skin enters the dormant period from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the evening. This is the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients. At this time, maintenance is naturally more effective. Therefore, for night owls, it is best to wash and rinse before 10 o'clock, and then do a basic maintenance of the skin, if you can apply a moisturizing mask, it is better to wash off before going to bed and then do deep maintenance to double the effect. In this way, even if you stay up late to work overtime, your skin can't enter normal dormancy, but it can be well nourished, so that the side effects of staying up late are minimized.

4. Make your hair softer

The dry air makes the hair rougher. To be supple, in addition to choosing shampoos and conditioners that have moisturizing and water-locking effects, you must also insist on using essence or hair mask every time you wash your hair. Don't forget to use conditioner to close the hair scales. I need to remind every girl that when using hair masks and other hair care products, the method determines the effect and cannot be underestimated.

After washing the hair, be sure to wipe the water on the hair to half dryness, then wipe up the hair mask and other hair care products, gently massage the hair, pay attention to apply the hair mask away from the scalp, and do not get it on the scalp. After the massage, wrap it with a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then rinse off with clean water, and then use the conditioner. If you insist on it a few times, the hair quality will be better than you expected.

5. Method determines effect

I often hear my girlfriend say that even though I use waterproof mascara, I still smudge. In fact, this is a misconception. Many people smear mascara not because of water, but because of oily eye skin. Therefore, before you choose mascara, you must find out the oil around your eyes and the humidity of the environment. And when you get the body to body massage in Dubai, it is really recommend to set romantic atmosphere, and you can feel much more enjoyable. Usually waterproof mascara is not oil-proof, and there is basically no mascara on the market that can both waterproof, if there is, what should be removed?

So many non-waterproof mascaras are more anti-blooming. Another way to prevent smudging is to avoid using oily eye cream during the day. Before applying mascara, curl the eyelash curler so that when you close your eyes, your eyelashes will not touch the lower eyelid. It can also prevent blooming.


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