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Dubai massage can also prevent dry skin

Because of the hot weather in Dubai and heavy sandstorms, many women have dry skin. Dryness has become the biggest problem for women in Dubai. Dry skin can also cause various problems, such as increased wrinkles. The first sign of skin aging is "water shortage." If you know that the water content of baby skin is twice that of the elderly, you will definitely pay attention to moisturizing the skin.

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Dubai Massage at home
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According to some reports in Dubai, 70% of Dubai women have dry skin, and dryness has become the biggest problem for Dubai women. Dry skin can also cause various problems. So how do we keep the facial skin moisturized? In addition to various cosmetics, Dubai full body massage is also a good way.

Most women have dry faces

According to a survey report conducted by interviewing 20,000 Dubai women, more than half of Dubai women have mixed skin, the proportion is as high as 53%; women with dry skin are the second, reaching 18.49%; normal skin The proportion is 8.16%; the proportion of sensitive skin is 10.8; the proportion of oily skin is 9.42%. Nearly 71% of women have skin problems such as dryness and lack of water, dry peeling, and nearly 63% of women will improve the performance of dry skin and long-term moisturizing, as their most urgent skin problems.

The survey shows that long-term exposure to air-conditioning, long-term exposure to radiation, poor sleep quality, irregular eating, and wrong makeup habits are the five most important factors that cause women's skin problems. Among these factors, if you carefully compare yourself, it is almost a 100% hit rate. Are there really nowhere to escape?

Learn how to drink water

Some people say that in order to maintain sufficient water, it is best to think of drinking water as breathing, because when there is no water in the body, you will not immediately feel thirsty. The body will first "borrow water" from the peripheral organs, the most important being the skin. You will feel thirsty when there is no water in your skin. So, when you feel thirsty, your skin is already "dry".

The best time to drink water every day is to drink water after getting up in the morning, because about 200ml of water evaporates from the skin during sleep. It is best to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, drink 450ml of water in small sips, do some simple exercises after drinking, and do not sit still. Around 10 am, drinking water can replenish the water lost during work. Around 3 pm, you can drink water during afternoon tea. Also before going to bed, the blood concentration during sleep will increase, and drinking water can dilute the blood.

Moisturizing can not be mixed

In addition to drinking water, it is necessary to properly hydrate and moisturize the skin. Note that these are two different concepts in beauty. Moisturizing is to prevent the loss of moisture on the surface of the skin and form a moisturizing film on the outside. And hydration is to transport water to skin cells. When caring for the skin, it is usually to moisturize the skin first, first use the moisturizing essence to fully hydrate the skin, nourish the skin deeply, and then choose to use moisturizing lotion (medium oily skin) or cream (dry skin) according to the nature of your skin , To consolidate and form a skin protective film, input nutrients and lock moisture. Especially for oily skin, although it is always shiny, the skin will also be dry and peeled under the attack of sand and wind. At this time, use oil-removing firming lotion, which can shrink pores, replenish moisture to the skin, and inhibit oil secretion.

New methods

The simplest and most effective way is to use massage to make the skin better, do aerobic exercises on the facial skin, promote the smooth circulation of the epidermal lymphatic circulation, accelerate the metabolism and the excretion of waste elements, of course, with related skin care products will make the effect more significant . By the Dubai Massage service, you can also get the extra effort, Enlarge your breasts!

Respiratory therapy

Oxygen is the necessary energy for cell repair and renewal. It breathes through the lungs, and then transmits to the cells through the blood in the capillaries. As we age, the blood supply to the skin decreases, the cells lack regeneration energy, and the skin gradually ages. The function of deep breathing is to increase the oxygen content in the blood, increase the oxygen content of the skin correspondingly, and relieve the pressure of the skin. The method is simple and quick. Therefore, stick to the outdoors every day, take a slow and deep breath with your nose, and repeat it several times, which can wake up the vitality of cells.


The effect of aromatic essential oils on soothing the body and mind has long been verified. When you feel constant stress and pressure, you can light the essential oil incense indoors. Bergamot, chamomile, sage, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, neroli, rose, sandalwood and other essential oils will be very helpful to you. Essential oils that boost adrenaline also have temporary effects. The most effective essential oils are geranium and rosemary. If you are exhausted and out of breath under pressure, you can use these essential oils to refresh yourself. This kind of massage is similar with the essential oil massage in Dubai, you can get an amazing experience from it.

Facial Yoga Therapy

The recently popular facial yoga is also very useful for relieving skin pressure. The specific method is: first tap the top of the head with the tips of your fingers. This can refresh the brain, promote blood circulation, relieve stress and make facial skin easier. Then turn the tongue greatly, and rub each part of the palate and mouth with the tongue. If saliva is produced, swallow it three times. It is said that saliva can prevent the body from aging, help digestion, and can make the skin look better.


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