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Try this Dubai body massage to get a thin and sexy waist

In Dubai, for women, a beautiful face and slim waist will make them more confident. But nowadays, many women work in the office, and with the usual bad eating habits. It is easy to accumulate belly fat, so in addition to improving some unhealthy lifestyle habits, and to keep the waist unchanged, for those who want to lose weight waist fat, it can be achieved by a Body massage in Dubai. Slim waist is the thing that most women are dreaming, so do you know how to lose weight at home? Try the following Dubai massage home method.

Yuri is from Japan, she is specially good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Home Service
Yuri, Sexy massage girl in Dubai

Step 1

Stand up straight, stand with your feet slightly apart, a space for a fist between the left and right feet, the pelvis rises, the back muscles stretch upward, and the abdominal muscles tighten properly. Open your hands and put your fingers together. Use your hands on the left and right sides of the belly button to twist the abdomen to gently stimulate the lymph and start burning the fat on the abdomen.

Step 2

Keep a straight posture, open the left and right hands, straighten your fingers together, put them under the chest on the left and right, the upper half of the fingers touch the upper abdomen, then vertically down, gently push the lower abdomen with the fingertips, do 10 Back and forth.

Step 3

Open with both hands, fingers together and straight, put each under the ribs, with fingertips opposite, and then push the upper abdomen horizontally from the outside to the center, also doing 10 back and forth.

Step 4

Straighten the waist, stretch the muscles of the back upward, tighten the muscles around the waist and abdomen, and rub the rhythmically from the bottom of the side waist up and down rhythmically, and lift the excess fat on both waists. Wipe each 10 times.

Step 5

The fingers of the left and right hands naturally close together, gently pressing here along the lower side of the pelvis to transfer heat to the inside of the abdomen, and then gently rub the abdomen upwards, so that the internal organs can be lifted and restored to balance. Note that the thumb is placed on the palm .

Step 6

Return your hands to the lower side of the pelvis, also gently press and apply heat, then follow the edge of the lower side of the pelvis, gently rub upward and diagonally to the left and right sides, and fully clear the lymph nodes around the rat diameter.

Step 7

Open the palm of your right hand, and straighten your fingers together, put it on the upper right pelvis and right abdomen, and then gently rub the right belly from the outside to the inside, up and down, and do it back and forth several times. This is the core step of the body to body massage in Dubai.

Step 8

Keep your body upright, fully stretch your back muscles, straighten your upper body and tighten your abdominal muscles, place your left hand on the back of the pelvis, that is, the part where the back waist connects with the hips, and then follow the left waist line. Wipe the lower back gently and do it back and forth alternately several times.

Daily thin waist tips

1. Avoid excessive intake of sweets

Cakes, ice cream, chocolate, toffee and other sweets are very delicious, but they are one of the culprits that make you a big belly. Control your desire for sweets, you will find that your desire for sweets is not so strong. In fact, when you start to lose weight, you can give yourself a buffer period, replace natural sugar with refined sugar, and gradually change the taste to achieve the effect of abdomen.

2. Eat slowly

Slowing down the speed of eating can not only help you reduce calorie intake, but also help reduce the accumulation of waist and belly fat! Taste every meal slowly and slowly, which will make you feel satisfied early, and you can eat a plate of lettuce salad before the main dish comes, which is both full and not afraid of fat. In addition, exquisite pastries and cold ice products should be reduced in intake, because the cake is rich in fat and starch, which not only makes your waist and belly thicker, but also makes your lower body easily become thicker!

3. Yoga and dancing can help to lose weight

Stretching yoga, passionate belly dance, all have the function of quickly and easily waist and abdomen. Persist in yoga or belly dance 3 times a week, half an hour each time, not only the waist is thinned, but also the sexy abdominal muscles can be exercised, so you have a sexy and charming waist!

4. Sport can help reduce stomach

The fact that leg lifting can reduce your stomach is a fact that most women know, but it's another matter if you can persist. Lie flat on the bed before bed every day, raise your feet together to 45 degrees, support with the strength of your stomach, stay for 10-15 seconds and then put it down, do it 10 times in a row. Not only can it tighten the legs, but also have the effect of a thin belly.

5. Eat more fruits, vegetables and beans

Fresh fruits, white beans, black berries, dried apricots and pumpkins are all high-fiber foods. Fiber foods make people feel full to reduce their diet and help reduce weight. At the same time, they can prevent abdominal constipation caused by constipation (digestive medicine) Big. Studies have shown that the ideal dose of high fiber should be 25-35 grams per day. However, it must be remembered that high-fiber foods should not be eaten too much and consumed too quickly, otherwise it will lead to indigestion.

Try the above method, you will get such a sexy body and on the other hand, you can also own a lovely face.

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