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Recommend the most effective way to massage your face

In Dubai, girl ’s favorite thing is to lose weight and make face thin, especially the requirements on the face are almost harsh. It is best to own a charming face, so girls will try a variety of face-lifting methods. But most girls in Dubai have a big and round face, it is really feel so sad, it will cause that such a good figure is ruined.

Is there any way to lose weight your body and face quickly? Here are a few simple and effective face-lifting massage methods, there is always one for you. Not only the face massage, but also some methods are suitable for the full body massage in Dubai.

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Facial sports massage

Many girls like to watch TV and eat snacks when they are at home. If you want to lose weight, you should change this habit. You can take an empty bottle of mineral water while watching TV and take a deep breath into it. It will be very helpful for thin face. If you don’t watch TV, do face-lifting in the mirror, shout loudly in the mirror, or stick your tongue out and keep your jaw still for a few seconds. This will effectively make your face thin and beautiful.

Oral massage

Open your mouth widely, and then make a fist naturally with your right hand, with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and press your thumb on the oral cavity, and the other two fingers on the outside of the oral cavity, so that the side face is sandwiched from internal and external complications. Then gently rub these three fingers from top to bottom, and then start from the corner of the mouth to gently rub upward and diagonally toward the contour of the side face. After finishing, change one side to the other. Persistently doing oral massage can make you have a small V-shape face, and can eliminate the nasolabial folds.

Face-lifting Massage in Dubai

Step1, put the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both hands together, place it on the side of the corner of the mouth, and use the fingertips to vertically clamp the cheeks on both sides in the direction of the eyes.

Step2, then slide sideways in the direction of the arrow, press from the face to the chin, repeat 3-4 times.

Facilitate circulation massage face-lift

1. Place the middle fingers of both hands on both sides of the nose wings, insert the nose bridge and slowly push up, which can strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the nose bridge and eliminate puffiness on the face.

2. Use both hands and fingers to press hard on both sides of the scalp. This is because there are many blood vessels in the scalp. Pressing more can promote blood circulation on the face.

3. Not only the lower eyelid will be swollen, but the upper eyelid is also a key part that should be paid attention to. Gently slide the thumb from both eyebrows to the temple with both hands.

4. Insert the middle finger of both hands around the orbit from the inner corner of the eye to the temple for massage until the orbit feels hot.

5. One-handed fingers and abdomen do the massage to lift the bridge of the nose, which can lift the cheeks.

By these face massage, you can really get a small and sexy face.

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