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Dubai Massage to make breasts healthier and more beautiful

Many women in order to make their breasts more beautiful and healthier, exhausted methods, injections and pills do not need to do. However, it is not effective, but has a lot of side effects. In fact, the body massage in Dubai for breast enhancement is very scientific and healthy, below we will have a detailed understanding of the massage technique of breast enhancement!

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Under normal circumstances, breast swelling massage techniques include warm massage, deep tissue massage, rotary massage, gentle squeezing, finger circling and so on. The specific methods are as follows:


1, one hand from downside the breast and gently rub the areola toward the armpit, the other hand gently squeeze.


2, with the index finger and middle finger close to the chest to clamp the nipple, and gently pull outward, be careful not to pull pain.


3, with the index finger and middle finger close to the chest to clamp the nipple, gently backlog fingers slightly and tight, into a circular arc rotation.


4, hold the underarm with one hand, hold one breast with the palm of the other hand and gently push upward.


5, hands close to the breast around the circle from inside to outside massage.


6. place one hand on the sternum and massage in a spiral motion towards the armpit.


Besides, there are some good massage methods you can also try:


1. Warm massage: Gently massage the breast after soaking in a hot towel or warm water, which can promote blood circulation in the breast and relieve swelling.


2. Shiatsu Massage: Start from below the breast with your fingers, massage upward, all the way to the nipple around, repeat the operation, can help the breast to discharge the sludge.


3. Rotary massage: Gently rotate and massage the breast in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, which can promote blood circulation in the breast and relieve breast swelling.


4. Gently squeeze: the fingers of both hands are crossed at the sternum below the breast, gently pinch the breast and squeeze outwards, which helps to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid in the breast.


5. Finger wrap: Place your fingers on the outside of the breast, then slowly move them inward, gently massaging the tissue along the bottom and sides of the breast. It should be noted that during the massage process, the technique should be gentle and the strength should not be too large, so as not to cause breast tissue damage.


These massage can help you relax and improve your quality of life, In addition to daily massage, you can also increase physical exercise, exercise is a good way to enlarge breasts. Participate in physical exercise, pay special attention to exercise the chest muscles, make the pectoralis major muscle developed, promote breast fullness. Usually pay attention to standing and walking posture, often keep the chest out and stomach in order to facilitate breast development, and participate in swimming sports is especially helpful for double breast fitness.

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