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Pay attention of Dubai Massage at home in winter

Winter is arguably the most comfortable season of the year in Dubai. In such an environment that is neither too hot nor too cold, many people's hands and feet begin to feel cold, causing their whole body to feel cold. We all know that for good health, keep your body warm late at night. So do you know how to do it? I think having a Dubai massage at home is a good idea, you might as well give it a try.

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Massage in Dubai Body to Body
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These massage techniques help you warm your body

Dry bath massage

1. Keep your whole body sitting or standing and relax your body. Be sure to relax before massaging, otherwise the muscles will be too tight and the effect will not be good.

2. Then rub the two palms against each other until the palms are warm, then rub your face with the palms and massage it for more than 60 times.

3. After pressing the face, use your fingers to slowly massage from the top of the head to the back of the head, then move to the side of the head to comb the hair. Do this for more than 60 times until the scalp feels warm.

4. Then use the palms of your hands to rub the soles of the two feet respectively, and then rub the two feet more than sixty times respectively.

5. Finally, use your hands to rub your chest and abdomen. After the area is heated, the entire massage process is completed.

Try this procedure for several important parts of the body and slowly warms the body. Due to the cold weather in winter, it is recommended to massage in the bathroom with a heating lamp on after taking a bath and drying your hair, otherwise you will easily catch a cold.

Massage the soles of the feet

The soles of the feet are covered with acupuncture points. It is well known that different areas will have different effects after massage. Massaging the soles of your feet can help warm your feet so that you no longer feel cold. So how to give a massage?

It is recommended to quickly rub the soles of your feet with the palm of your hand until you feel a feeling of heat in the area and stop. After getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, you should spend some time massaging the soles of your feet, which is enough for about a hundred times. In this way, the body is no longer afraid of the cold.

In addition, after massaging the soles of your feet, you can also massage your toes. Your toes are an important part of your feet. Massaging them more will also help blood flow.

Press the waist

If your waist is not properly kept warm, you will easily get cold. Once the waist is cold, the body will tremble. It is recommended that you massage the waist and eyes on both sides of your body more often on weekdays, and tap gently, about a hundred times on each side. The waist and abdomen cannot be cold, otherwise the kidneys, uterus and other organs will suffer.

Therefore, you should massage your waist and abdomen more often on weekdays to warm the abdomen and warm the lower abdomen. At the same time. You can experience a Lymphatic Massage.

What you should pay attention to when getting a Dubai body to body massage in winter

1. Keep warm

When massaging, you often need to take off your clothes, and direct contact with the skin is more effective. Therefore, it is recommended that if you have a massage in winter, you should remember to turn on the heating lamp in the bathroom; if you perform it in the room, it is also possible, but it is recommended to turn on the air conditioner, or huddle in the quilt for massage. It is recommended to huddle up under a relatively large quilt, so that there is more space for movement and it is not easy to be ventilated.

2. Pay attention to lubrication

Not everyone’s hands are so white and tender in life, if your hands are rough and your body is dry. Before massaging, it is recommended to apply some talcum powder on the parts of your hands that need to be massaged, so as not to damage the skin during massage, and the massage experience will be better.

In addition, it should be noted that massage is a good way to maintain health. You should learn some correct massage techniques and perform self-massage on weekdays, so that you can strengthen your body.

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