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Try facial massage in Dubai at home to get better skin!

In Dubai, many beauty-loving ladies often choose to go to large beauty salons for facial massage in order to delay facial aging and improve their sagging skin. But such a small massage, beauty salons generally charge relatively high. In fact, facial massage is not that complicated. Everyone can complete this Dubai massage at home for your face, and in their spare time, they can ensure the firmness of their face and keep themselves in a perfect state at all times.

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Outcall Massage in Dubai
Incall Massage in Dubai

Facial massage is easy, you can simply massage your face while washing your face or applying lotion. Massaging your face can fight gravity and reduce sagging, sagging skin. In addition to being helpful for beauty, facial massage can stimulate many key areas at the same time, and it is necessary to maintain a youthful, radiant complexion. In fact, if you have more time, you can really try the full body Dubai Massage, you will get more than double effect than you think!

The facial massage time should be moderate, not too long or too short, depending on the nature, condition and age of the skin. For dry skin, massage more for 8 to 15 minutes; for oily skin, massage less, for 5 to 10 minutes; for allergic skin, up to 2 minutes or no massage. When massaging, use both hands at the same time.

The facial skin, especially the skin around the eyes, is the most in need of massage. The benefits of massage are many: the skin of the eyes is the weakest, so eye care must not be ignored. Eye massage can restore blood circulation to the skin around the eyes. Not only massage when using eye cream, but also other parts of the massage can also indirectly stimulate the eye skin. Cover your face with your hands and massage around your eyes in circular motions, always from the inside out, for two minutes.

In addition to facial massage, you can also try neck massage to promote the skin that area: slightly lift the chin, alternately push the center of the neck with both palms from bottom to top, and gently push with the middle of the fingers, about 10 times. After the massage in the middle of the neck, use the finger pulps of both hands to gently rub from bottom to top on both sides of the neck until behind the ears, repeat 10 times

Usually, we can use the above massage techniques when we wash our face or apply lotion, which can effectively remove edema and make our face more beautiful. Pay more attention in daily life, do not drink too much water before going to bed, which can easily lead to swelling of the face or body.

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