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Treat your neck with a massage in Dubai

Neck maintenance, maintenance and face is not the simple skincare product daub go up even if finished, more meticulous and patience with your warm hands to massage, if you want to better effect, you need a full body massage in Dubai, even your heart is pampering skin feel, will reward you with a more beautiful young attitude. At the same time, in Dubai, cervical spondylosis is a common disease in life, office staff is a high incidence of cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis will affect the physical and mental health, affect the daily work and life, massage is also a good way to prevent and cure cervical spondylosis, we will introduce some methods of cervical massage for you.

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Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage Full Service

You can try this kind of neck massage in Dubai at home: Hold method with thumb, index finger, middle finger three fingers or five fingers, firmly pinch the neck. Wrist joints and knuckles should be elastic, with the fingertips as the point of focus, gentle and continuous movement, strength from light to heavy. Often use this method massage, can promote neck blood circulation, sedation and analgesic effect.

With the finger surface, palm surface, fist surface and other parts close to the back of the neck, the head direction for straight motion. Should pay attention to the force to be moderate, avoid scratching the skin surface, massage 50 times per minute. Regular massage with this technique can effectively relieve neck stiffness and pain.

The key point of neck skin maintenance is to enhance the moisture and elasticity of neck skin, because the neck skin is congenital lack of a large amount of oil moisture and protection, easy to appear fine lines and wrinkles in advance because of excessive cleaning and improper rubbing. Every morning and evening from bottom to top daub maintenance products is the best massage time, with the help of not fully absorbed maintenance products to do lubrication, not only help maintenance products better absorption, but also can reduce dryness pulling skin. Neck SKIN AND FACIAL SKIN ARE ROUGHLY the same, generally can be drier than facial skin, so dry skin should choose the cream product with high moisture degree for neck skin, oily skin can choose refreshing and moisturizing lotion. By this massage for some month continuously, you can even increase sexual performance!

Although often massage the neck can make people relax and eliminate fatigue, but people suffering from cervical spondylosis, osteoporosis, people with high blood pressure, can not massage the neck by themselves, to decide the treatment plan according to their own physical situation, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the condition or cause physical discomfort because the massage technique is not correct.

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