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To reduce edema by Lymphatic massage in Dubai

Some women's metabolism is not very good, so it is easy to cause edema and cause detoxification problems. So what should I do if such problems occur? The weight loss effect of lymphatic massage. Under normal circumstances, lymph flows with the movement of muscles, but compared with blood, the flow of lymph is slower.

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When there is insufficient exercise or lymphatic obstruction, muscle activity becomes slow and waste is easy. Accumulate. At this time, not only will it cause low metabolism, edema, obesity, and body problems, but it will even reduce your resistance!

The effect of lymphatic massage in Dubai at home is to help you open up the blocked lymph nodes, allow waste, toxins and excess water to circulate with the entire body fluids, and pass them out of the body, improve metabolism, constipation and detoxification, and create a lean body that is not easy to gain weight.

Body to body massage in Dubai
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What is lymph?

Like veins, lymphatic vessels are distributed in the body from top to bottom, and lymphatics follow the direction of lymphatic vessels to circulate throughout the body and form a body fluid circulation system with blood and tissue fluid. The old waste in blood and cells will be transported along the lymphatic vessels to each lymph node, namely under the ears, neck, collarbone, underarms, lower abdomen, thigh base, knees and other parts. If toxins and waste can circulate smoothly, then the purification function of the whole body will not be hindered, no residue will accumulate in the body, and the body will naturally become slim!

The specific method of massage to lose weight

If you want to lose weight through lymphatic massage, the technique is very important, and there are many ways. It can be lightly rubbing with palms, fingers together, pressing with fingertips, or enveloping and pinching with hands, etc. The massage route should follow the lymphatic vessels. The distribution of the lymph nodes and the flow direction of the lymph fluid can focus on massaging the lymph nodes.

After bathing, the whole body temperature rises, and the blood circulation is activated, or with the aid of essential oils, lotions, or massage tools, the effect will be more significant. So the full body massage in Dubai will be so effective for your weight losing. Not only lose weight, you can also strengthen your body by Dubai Massage.

Precautions for weight loss massage in Dubai

Massage is a relatively easy way to lose weight. The technique is simple and easy to learn. It can be done by hand even without any tools, and the time is relatively easy to master.

But there are a few time slots to pay attention to, feeling quite tired, fever, fever or sickness, physical injury, be cautious during pregnancy, it is best not to massage by yourself, so as not to make the situation worse. In addition, do not massage within 2 hours after a meal, or if you have just drunk alcohol. This is likely to cause lymphatic reflux and cause adverse effects!


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