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In Dubai, massage these 4 parts to strengthen your body

Some medical experts in Dubai believe that if people regularly massage four parts of the body, they can effectively prevent diseases, strengthen the body, and prolong life. Below, we will briefly introduce the massage methods of 4 parts. Of course, if you have enough time and energy, a full body massage in Dubai can be more effective to make your body healthier.

Merry is from Malaysia, she is so good at body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage at Home
Merry, Sexy Girl of Dubai Full Service Massage

Front chest: Massage the front chest can enhance the body's immunity. The thymus of the front chest is one of the most important immune organs that dominate the entire immune system of the human body. The immunologically active peptide substances secreted by the thymus can monitor the mutated cells in the body and eliminate them mercilessly, so it has a powerful anti-cancer effect.

At the same time, it has the function of anti-infection and disease resistance; it also has a certain effect on delaying aging. Keep massage the front chest (up to the neck and down to the heart socket) 100 to 200 times a day with the palm of your hand to activate the thymus, prevent and keep fit, and cure diseases. As you know, the best kind of chest massage is of course the Dubai body to body massage.

Spine: Massage the spine to nourish the body's organs. For health, the spine is a very important area. It is the connection between the upper body and the lower body. The muscles and organs on both sides of the spine are also very important. Frequent massage of the spine can stimulate nerve regeneration, blood circulation throughout the body is more smooth and healthy.

Armpits: Massage the armpits to promote blood circulation. The axilla is the most abundant place of blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves. The mystery of its fitness is that after being massaged, it will relax people's mood, promote blood circulation, and enable the various organs to fully obtain the exchange of nutrients and oxygen, which benefits the brain, heart and lungs. At the same time, massage can also help you thin arms.

Sole of feet: There are more than 70 acupuncture points on the soles of human feet, and 6 meridians start and end on the feet. Scientists also believe that there are thousands of peripheral nerves in the soles of human feet, which are closely connected with the brain and heart, and are closely connected with various organs of the human body. Therefore, the foot is called the human "second heart", which shows the importance of foot health care. Frequent bending of your toes, frequent walks, warm water soaking your feet, etc., all have the effect of promoting the flow of blood in the feet, pushing the distal blood to the heart and the whole body, regulating body fatigue, preventing diseases, and improving longevity.


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