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Dubai Massage For Thin Arms

In Dubai, because the temperature is always high, girls want to show off their bodies, how can girls not have a pair of slender arms. How to thin arms is a big worry for many girls. What are the ways to thin arms? Massage is to lose weight and lose weight. Today, I will teach you a few tricks of Body massage in Dubai to lose weight. It will help you promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, and effectively thin your arms during the great time of losing weight in spring! Today, I will bring you some methods to massage thin arms to help you quickly reduce the arm circumference, say goodbye to the sleeves, and restore the curve of your slender arm.

Yuri is from Japan, she is specially good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Home Service
Dubai Massage Body to Body

Dubai massage for thin arms, it will be similar with the massage method of thin legs.

Relax your left hand. Use your right fingers to hold the back of your left hand and press your thumb on the depression where the index finger meets the thumb phalanx. This has a good effect on improving constipation.

Naturally open and relax the palm of your hand. Use the thumb of your right hand to press the lower part of the center of the palm to relieve joint lumps and improve internal organs.

Use the thumb and index finger of the right hand to hold the second joint of the left hand. The second joint is slightly bent. From the index finger to the little finger, gently rotate the toe joints.

Put the palm of your left hand together and bend slightly, hold your fingers with your right hand, and gently press the wrist joint up and down to fully stretch it.

Raise your arms slightly, relax your shoulders, and use the fingers of the other hand to gently rub the entire outer arm from the wrist to the shoulder.

Naturally fracture the arm forward, hold the wrist in the other hand, and massage the upper and lower lines with the thumb of the thumb to the lower arm and shoulder.

Raise your arm upwards, spread your palms and press your palms upwards slightly, stretch your arms, and use the palm of the other hand to gently wipe down from the wrist to the arm.

Starting from the lower jaw, follow the sternocleidomastoid muscle, gently rub the neck with your hand, then move to the center of the left and right clavicles, follow the clavicle to the outside, and gently massage with your fingers to the arm.

Girls don’t want to have a pair of thick arms. But some people often carry things. The arm muscles will be more and look very thick. In fact, the arm muscles can be thinned out. Just use the method mentioned above to do the Dubai massage at home. It can not only accelerate the metabolism of lymph nodes, but also promote the blood circulation system of the arms, assist the arms to metabolize endotoxins, accelerate muscle fitness exercises, and unremittingly massage them out. It can easily have sexy and slender arms.


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