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Things You Didn't Know About Prostate Massage

In Dubai, more and more men like to do prostate massage, which is a kind of release for the body and mind. Prostate massage is very good for relieving some prostate diseases, so it is good for people with prostatitis and other diseases For example, you can try massage yourself at home. But many people don’t know that there are actually many precautions and places that need attention about prostate massage in Dubai. Let’s find out together!

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Prostate Massage in Dubai
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First of all, what everyone needs to understand is that the so-called prostate massage is to massage the prostate, which can unblock the prostate duct and help relieve prostatitis and other diseases. However, massage the prostate, stop when it should be stopped, and don't increase the time. It is not painful to stop massaging the prostate under normal circumstances. If you feel obvious tenderness when you massage the prostate, it means that the patient has acute inflammation. In this case, it is not suitable for prostate massage, so it is better not to massage. If you have just finished exercising, don't get a prostate massage, and of course if you hurt your muscles while exercising, you can't do any massage.

The first massage of the prostate is generally not too hard, it is relatively light, so that the ideal massage effect cannot be achieved, so the massage intensity can be increased appropriately, and in the end it should be based on one's own tolerance. When a man receives a prostate massage or a body to body massage in Dubai, he must remain relaxed and can do some even deep breathing exercises to relax his urethral sphincter so that symptoms of discomfort can be relieved during the massage.

Some Precautions for Prostate Health

Drink more water

It can effectively dilute the concentration of metabolites in urine and reduce the stimulation of harmful substances in urine to prostate tissue. To ensure sufficient urine output, drink at least 2000 ml of water every day. Avoid excessive pressure on the perineum.

The prostate is located under the bladder, and the perineum is under pressure for a long time, which will cause damage to the prostate tissue. In mild cases, it will be congested and edema, and in severe cases, it may cause acute prostatitis and even urinary retention.

Keep the area clean

There are many sweat glands in the perineum, and the air permeability is poor, so it is easy to hide dirt and evil practices. Insisting on cleaning the perineum is an important part of preventing prostatitis. It is also necessary to urinate and clean the external genitalia in time after each intercourse.

Harmonious and restrained sex life

In normal sexual life, when a man ejaculates, the prostate secretion is excreted together with the sperm, and the congestion of the prostate tissue subsides.

Frequent sex life will keep the prostate in a state of hyperemia for a long time, and even cause the prostate to enlarge; excessive abstinence will also cause swelling and discomfort in the perineum, which is also not good for the prostate.

Don't hold your urine too much

During urination, the muscles of the bladder wall and the external urethral sphincter contract and relax in coordination, which is conducive to maintaining the normal physiological functions of the bladder and prostate. Excessive holding back of urine will lead to an increase in the tension of the prostate capsule, which will lead to prostate diseases in the long run.


Being in a good mood is not only good for your physical and mental health, it also relieves tension in your pelvic floor muscles. Not drinking too much, eating less spicy food, keeping the stool smooth, taking a bath frequently, etc. are also of great significance to the prevention of prostate diseases.

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