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After the muscles injury, do not get a massage in Dubai directly

In Dubai, more and more people go to the gym to exercise and participate in various sports. Injuries are inevitable during sports. Among them, the most common injury is muscle strain. Some people know some sports knowledge and know some precautions after strain Things, such as ice compress but not hot compress, but another point is very important, that is, you can't massage directly after the injury. Whether it is partial massage or full body massage in Dubai, it is not a good choice.

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It is best not to massage the muscle strain for the first 48 hours. After the muscle strain exceeds 48 hours, you can choose massage and conditioning. Massage can relieve swelling and congestion. However, if the muscle strain is serious, you need to take medicine according to the doctor's guidance. Muscle strain is generally caused by injury, and it may also be caused by frequent heavy physical labor and excessive fatigue. It usually causes soreness and pain in local muscles. If it is more serious, it will often cause inability to move.

When a muscle is injured, once a pain reaction occurs, stop exercising immediately, apply ice or cold towels on the pain point, and use elastic bandages to compress the injured area to shrink small blood vessels and reduce local congestion and edema. Avoid rubbing, massage and hot compress. After 24 to 48 hours of cold compress treatment, treatments such as promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain can be applied. It is really not good to do such as full body massage at home in 48 hours.

A muscle strain is an injury caused by a muscle being contracted sharply or stretched excessively during exercise. Full service Massage in Dubai at this time may cause increased bleeding. It is recommended that patients apply cold compresses, which can constrict blood vessels and play a role in hemostasis. People can also take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment, such as ibuprofen, chlorzoxazone tablets, etc. After 72 hours, patients can choose hot compress for treatment, or gently massage, which will have a good effect on the affected area.

Muscle strains generally cause local pain, swelling, and limited movement. Therefore, local massage or body massage is not recommended, otherwise it may lead to aggravated pain, or even joint dislocation and fractures. Do not massage in the early stage of the strain. If the muscle strain is recovering, it can usually be massaged locally, which generally improves blood circulation and helps to promote muscle growth and healing.

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