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How to do a Dubai full body massage at home?

After a busy day, at night they will feel fatigued and have backaches. At this time, many people will choose to spend money on professional massage parlors for body massage. It is hoped that by massaging various parts of the body, the discomfort of the body can be relieved, and it can also promote blood circulation and improve the body's metabolism. Make toxins out of the body faster, which is good for your health. But if you don't have a lot of time, you can also do a Dubai full body massage at home. Here I will introduce you how to massage at home.

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Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage Full Service

1. Start with the neck and shoulders.

People often feel tense in this area of the body, and focusing on the neck and shoulders can provide instant relaxation when you don't have time for a full massage. Massage the neck and shoulders using the following techniques.

Use your fingers to grasp the side of the neck and gently press on the muscles and tendons, kneading with your thumb and forefinger. You can use your free hand to massage the head at the same time. Relax your fingers at the shoulders and place your thumbs on the muscles located on the sides of the neck. Squeeze your shoulders and press with your thumbs.

The movement should be slow and steady. You can also use your forearms to massage your shoulders. Place your forearms on both shoulders and gently rock them back and forth to relax the shoulder muscles.

2. Massage the back.

Starting from the back of the shoulders on both sides, rub the muscles. As your hands reach the lower back, use your hands and thumbs to knead tight muscles. People who stand or sit for hours a day often experience pain in this area, so you may want to spend some time relaxing the muscles in this area.

Do not put stress on the spine and the bones in the back. The focus is on the muscles on either side of the spine.

Kneel behind the person being massaged for deeper massage, placing the heels of your hands on the opposite side of the lower back muscles while your fingers point away from the body. Place your other hand on top of your first hand to compress the muscles. Knead the muscles this way for a few minutes, then switch to the other side.

3. Massage arms and legs. Form a circle around your upper arms with your hands. Use your palms and fingers to rub the muscles in your arms, working your way up to your wrists. Repeat the same action with the other arm, and then massage the legs, starting from the thigh muscles until the ankles.

4. Massage hands and feet. Turn the person being massaged so that his or her face and torso are facing you. Massage your hands with your thumb and forefinger, paying attention to massaging the muscles with your palm, thumb, or each finger. Do the same with your feet, making sure not to press too hard on the bones.

Apply gentle, even strokes to the feet. Stretch the muscles by flexing the hands and feet back and forth during the massage.

5. Face and head as the end of the massage. Kneel behind the person you are massaging and massage his/her temples with your fingers in a circular motion. Gently rub forehead and sinus area. Put your fingers on the scalp and massage in the same way you would wash your hair. Massage is good, but you also need to pay attention the sequence, otherwise it may be harmful for your body.

This full body massage in Dubai can relax muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce mental stress. Giving someone a quick shoulder massage is fine, but if you want to give your loved one an unforgettable experience, it's worth taking the time to establish a comfortable environment and use proper technique to give him a massage.

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