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Dubai Massage is good for calf cramps

Many people are prone to leg cramps when they sleep at night, and they will be woken up by the pain. For some people, the symptoms of leg cramps will disappear soon, while for some people, leg cramps will recur, which has a great impact on daily life. Great impact, you should use the correct method to actively treat it. Let me introduce to you the methods of body massage in Dubai for leg cramps. Those who want to know more can take a look together.

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Massage in Dubai a Home
Dubai Massage Home Service

Calf cramps can be massaged and groomed in a clockwise direction from proximal to distal of the limb. Massage can relieve muscle spasms and tension, and relieve localized pain symptoms. Calf cramps are usually caused by incorrect posture, calcium deficiency, irregular diet and picky eaters. Children are usually caused by calcium deficiency. Due to the lack of calcium in the muscles, the excitability of the muscles decreases, which can cause cramps. When adults experience leg cramps, poor posture should be corrected to relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Leg cramps are mainly caused by spasms of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles on the back of the calf. Massage should mainly focus on these two muscles. The gastrocnemius is in the superficial layer, and the soleus is in the deep layer of the gastrocnemius. Together with the gastrocnemius, it is called the triceps calf. It travels down the Achilles tendon to the calcaneal tubercle. Leg cramps often limit the dorsiflexion of the ankle joint. At this time, you should massage the back of the calf, starting from the popliteal fossa to the Achilles tendon. You can gently massage the root of your hand for 5 to 10 minutes, then massage the back of the calf for 3 minutes, and finally Bend the knee joint to 90 degrees, fix the ankle joint with one hand, press the front of the sole with the other hand, and stretch the foot as far as possible to stretch the gastrocnemius muscle.

After leg cramps, there will be severe pain symptoms due to the sharp spasm of the leg muscles. Such symptoms can be alleviated by massage. First, you can quickly shake the leg muscles with both hands. After the symptoms are relieved, you can use the palms of both hands to massage the leg muscles in a circular shape, until the symptoms disappear completely. In addition to massage, you can also do hot compresses, pay attention to keeping your legs warm, and do not move first to avoid leg cramps again. The massage is also helpful to you if you have Tinnitus.

In addition to the Dubai massage at home, there are several ways to relieve cramps

Straighten the cramped foot

When leg cramps occur, try to lift the five toes that are cramping upwards at the same time, straighten the legs, and lean forward slightly. It is best to hold the cramped foot with your hand to keep the foot straight Even if it is very painful, you must persist. Generally, the pain will be relieved after a few minutes, and the leg cramps will disappear.

Apply hot towels

When leg cramps occur, you can soak the hot towel in hot water and twist it a little bit, apply it directly on the calf, and massage the leg while hot compressing, which can quickly improve the leg cramps and pain. It will gradually improve.

For leg cramps, you should exercise properly in your daily life to relax your muscles. At the same time, you should also eat more calcium-rich foods, especially middle-aged and elderly pregnant women and lactating women, keep calcium supplements.

The method of relieving and improving leg cramps is actually not difficult. If leg cramps occur in daily life, it is best to take corresponding measures to relieve them immediately, such as straightening your feet, jumping on one foot, and applying hot towels. These methods are all very practical, and the most fundamental thing is to find out the cause of leg cramps, early calcium supplementation for those who need calcium supplementation, and proper exercise for those who need exercise.

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