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How to Do Massage for Tinnitus

In Dubai, due to the relatively high temperature all year round and the relatively high work pressure, the occurrence of tinnitus is becoming more and more common. There are various factors that can lead to tinnitus, and tinnitus can occur in all age groups Therefore, everyone should understand the measures to prevent tinnitus. Also pay attention to understand how to treat tinnitus disease. In fact, in addition to routine hospital treatment, the effect of relieving tinnitus through massage is very good. The massage method can be either a full body massage in Dubai or a simple home massage? Now let's find out together.

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Common ear massage techniques

Tinnitus massage methods include the following:

1. Ear massage: Gently massage and rub the auricles and earlobes when washing your face, or press your hands on the auricles, put your thumbs behind your head, and tap the back of your head with the remaining four fingers, which can stimulate peripheral nerves to promote blood circulation.

2. Tympanic membrane massage, you can block the auricle with both palms at the same time, and leave quickly after pressing hard. Doing it a few times can promote blood circulation in the ear.

3. Breath-holding method, shut your mouth, pinch your nose, and blow air hard, just like blowing a trumpet, can make air enter the Eustachian tube and stretch the tympanic membrane, which can promote the return of middle ear pressure to normal.

4. Forcibly open the mouth to yawn, try to open the mouth as wide as possible, open the nasopharynx, and promote the recovery of the Eustachian tube function.

5. Hot compress method, stick a warm towel to the ears, or rub your hands until the palms get hot, and then stick the palms to the ears, and expand the local blood vessels by heating.

In fact, in daily life, you can also massage yourself anytime, anywhere, and the best way maybe a simple massage in Dubai at home. When washing your face, gently rub your ears and earlobes or press your palms against the auricles, place your thumbs behind your head, and then tap the back of your head with the remaining four fingers to promote blood circulation at the nerve endings and relieve tinnitus. Not only good for tinnitus, it will be so good that massaging the scalp to relieve hair loss.

The above has introduced in detail how to do massage to treat tinnitus. Have you learned it yet? Among the treatment methods of traditional medicine, massage therapy is very common, and it is also a treatment method that everyone likes, because massage causes no side effects, and the method is simple and convenient.

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