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Benefits of the Facial massage in Dubai.

When the massage technique acts on the surface of the skin, specific information will be generated, and this information will be transmitted to certain parts of the human body through the sensors of the skin, resulting in some biochemical changes, and also resulting in a physiological response in the local tissue. This response is conducted and regulated through nerve reflexes and body fluid circulation to strengthen and maintain the skin. Now, let's have a look of the benefits of the Facial massage in Dubai.

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Facial massage has the following advantages:

1. It can make the skin softer and smoother, and it can also delay aging when matched with nutritional cream. Eliminate excessive water accumulation under the skin, eliminate swelling and skin relaxation, effectively delay skin aging, and make skin tissue firm and elastic.

2. It can increase the local temperature, open the pores, speed up the excretion of waste, effectively clean the skin and make the skin healthier. Helps the skin flush out waste and carbon dioxide, reducing oil build-up.

3. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and cell growth, which can relieve the fatigue of the face and stimulate the acupuncture points on the face; at the same time, it also has the functions of dredging the meridians, eliminating swelling and regulating metabolism. Promote blood circulation, increase oxygen delivery, and promote normal cell metabolism.

But you need to pay attention to the massage techniques, if you try to do some facve massage, or full service Dubai Massage, you should be with cream or skin care essential oils, otherwise improper massage will easily aggravate facial wrinkles; if there is acne, trauma or infection on the face, facial massage is strictly prohibited, otherwise it will easily lead to aggravation of the condition.

The method of rubbing the face is very simple: when you get up every day, sit facing the south, close your eyes and concentrate for a moment, so that the body and mind are one. Then, rub your palms against each other to make them warm, and rub your palms against your face. Hold both palms upright, side by side against the middle of the forehead, wipe down the face to the chin, and then wipe up from the side to the forehead, 20 to 40 times. Then, swipe in the opposite direction for 20 to 40 times. Simply put, this kind of rubbing your face with your hands is like washing your face.

People with normal blood pressure should apply the same number of times from top to bottom and from bottom to top; people with high blood pressure should apply more times from top to bottom; those with low blood pressure should apply more times from bottom to top. If you do this for several months, your skin will be moisturized, muscles will be plumped, wrinkles will loosen, and your complexion will be radiant. Through these accumulated massages, gradually you will find: 1. It can balance the secretion of the cortex. Helps maintain cellular moisture and also improves skin texture, making you look younger. 2. It can make the nerves get enough rest, make people full of energy and restore confidence. 3. It can relax tense muscles and relieve muscle pain. 4. Help the skin absorb nutrients and promote blood circulation. Helps cells grow and removes waste from the body. 5. Increase local body temperature and accelerate excretion.

When rubbing the face, pay attention to the gentle and even movement, not too fast or too heavy, otherwise it will easily scratch the skin and cause the skin to wrinkle. To prevent skin damage, you can rub some moisturizer beforehand. Not only for your face, if you have time to get some breasts massage, you can also get this benefit.

In addition, facial skin care can also be done by tapping method. The specific method is to bend the fingers of both hands and spread them out slightly, from left to right, from top to bottom, from the forehead, tap gently and closely, and tap all the facial skin, three times a day. This can strengthen the blood circulation of the face, promote the health of the facial skin and nerves, make the skin shiny and ruddy, and reduce facial diseases.

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