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Make your breasts more beautiful with massage in Dubai

In Dubai, some people always feel inferior because of their small breasts. The situation may be related to acquired stunting, and it is not ruled out that it is related to genetic factors. It is inevitable that they will want to massage their breasts. Massage that part can help Breast enhancement? What is the specific process of this body massage in Dubai? Let's find out together.

Honey (From Japan) can make the best body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Full Service Massage

Massaging the breasts can directly enhance the effect of breast enhancement, because in the process of massaging the chest, it can stimulate local tissues, and it can also accelerate the metabolism or blood circulation of the chest, so that the mammary glands in the chest are stimulated, and the chest will gradually become taller and fuller. In the process of massaging the breasts, you can observe whether there is any change, and the massage time should be maintained for more than 10 minutes a day, and it will work only after persistence.

Simple method: It is recommended to adhere to the health care of the breasts. Generally, you need to choose the way of four fingers close together by massaging your breasts at home. When massaging, you should choose a clockwise massage along the outer side of the breast. It usually takes about 5 minutes to 10 minutes, which can promote the development of breast tissue. . Regularly massage your own breasts with the nipple as the center and clockwise to massage both breasts for no less than 15 minutes each time. It should be performed alternately to promote blood circulation. Regularly massage the two breasts or just full body massage in Dubai for at least 15 minutes each time with the nipple as the center and rotate outward in a clockwise direction.

The specific operation of breast enlargement massage method:

Put a small amount of the prepared massage oil on your hands (or drop it directly on the chest), and then apply it evenly on the chest. If you feel that the massage is not very moisturizing during the massage, add a small amount of massage oil at any time when there is a feeling of astringency.

Breast enhancement massage can be divided into four steps:

1. Take one side of the thumb and the other four fingers together, open the tiger's mouth, and push from the outside of the chest on both sides to the center to prevent the chest from expanding, 30 strokes on each side. This step is also good for facial massage.

2. Keep the hand in the same shape, starting from the left chest. The left hand pushes the left breast to the center from the outside, and then pushes the left breast up from the bottom of the left breast with the right hand, and pushes it all the way to the clavicle. That is to say, two hands are intertwined to push the left breast. After 30 repetitions. Change right breast. This action is very important.

3. The hand is made into a hood, and the fingers are slightly separated to cover the breast. To bend slightly, cover the breasts with both hands and pull from the bottom (not the bottom) towards the nipples. Repeat 20 times.

1. Massage with both hands around the breast in a circular motion until all the remaining essential oils on the breast are absorbed.

At the same time, eat more honey, papaya, homemade soy milk and royal jelly, as well as collagen, milk, red dates, peanuts, etc., which are all good foods for breast enhancement. You can also eat kudzu powder to supplement estrogen.

If there is a chance, during the massage, massage with cold showers alternately at the same time, the colder the better, the more miraculous effect on the tip of the breast, it is best to massage for five minutes, and perform a cold water splashing massage for five minutes at a time!

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