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Dubai Massage Can Make Your Breasts Sexier

Having plump breasts is every woman’s dream. Many women are using surgery to enlarge their breasts. For safety and reliability, some of them choose a full body massage in Dubai before going to bed, which requires long-term persistence. There are many ways to massage breasts before going to bed. We can choose by yourself, and the menstrual period and breastfeeding period are the best time to use massage before going to bed for breast enhancement. In order to have a good figure, you must insist on choosing breast enhancement before going to bed.

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Having a proud bust is every woman's dream, but what should some women do if they are born with small breasts? In order to make their figure look bumpy, many women do not hesitate to undergo breast augmentation surgery, but after all, there are some unpredictable surgeries Therefore, many people prefer to make themselves plump through massage, a safe and reliable way. So what exactly needs to be done? Let's take a look of this kind of Massage in Dubai at Home.

The first one is relatively simple and easy to learn. We know that the menstrual period and breastfeeding period are the golden period for a woman's secondary development. How to do it specifically? First of all, we need to prepare two towels for spare. Before going to bed at night, we need to wrap a hot water bottle with a towel and apply it to the chest for about 5-10 minutes, and then soak another towel in cold water and apply it to the chest. In this way, alternating hot and cold compresses are applied to the chest to stimulate the thymus gland. After applying it, start to massage. The massage method is very simple. You only need to use the palms of both hands to gently wrap the breasts on one side from the left and right sides, and then slowly tighten your hands. Bring the breasts up, and repeat this action 10 times each for the left and right breasts.

The second is a more complicated method. We need to hold one side of our breast with the palm of one hand, and then use the other hand to tap slowly and gently from the top to the bottom. Pinch the outside of the left arm from the wrist to the underarm with the right hand, and then pinch the same part on the right with the left hand.

After doing this, put both hands on your two shoulders, start to massage the lower armpit respectively, and then start to massage upwards with five fingers along the breast area. Then use two palms to massage along the lymph glands of the neck to the collarbone and shoulders respectively. Two hands alternately massage the clavicles on both sides along a straight line. Put one hand on the sternum, massage toward the armpit in a spiral shape, then press the underarm part, and hold the breast with the other hand and push it up slowly, alternately on both sides. Repeat the above actions nine times a day. And after we do some exercise, we can also massage our muscle to relax.

No matter how good the breast enhancement method is, you need to persist. If you can't achieve the effect, it will definitely not show up. The above two methods have advantages and disadvantages. One is troublesome but simple, and the other is complicated but not troublesome. You can choose by yourself, but the effect varies from person to person. Remember that breastfeeding and menstrual periods are more effective.

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