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The Role of Health Care Massage in Dubai

Massage technique of stimulation can make local skin surface smooth, clear skin aging cells, improve the respiratory function of the skin, make the skin's resistance to be enhanced. Massage technique can also improve the elasticity of the skin muscle. Some experts think: after experiment, kneading, kneading, according to the main role in muscle tissue, improve blood circulation, promote the blood backflow, accelerate muscle internal metabolites and energy supplement, can relieve muscle ache, relieve muscle spasm, eliminate muscle fatigue and improve the body function.

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Dubai Massage Full Body Service

1. The use of health care massage and self health care massage can not only control the disease, can also play the role of a strong health body. Especially self-massage, in fact, summed up the massage, gymnastics, such as some effects, namely the need to subject himself to voluntary movement, to complete all kinds of massage technique, even less slow movement is also beneficial to human body health. 2. The movement is indispensable stimuli for the human body. In sports, due to the effect of feedback of the peripheral nerve, can make the brain function improved and strengthened. Health care massage and massage movement, but also increase human lung capacity, exercise myocardial reserve force, promote the blood circulation 3. Broadly speaking, a healthy body is a kind of beauty, body building is based on good health. From the narrow sense that massage for local also have strong and handsome effect. Often like to head to massage, can enhance the scalp blood circulation, improve metabolism, keep hair black color at the same time, strengthen skin resistance and brain memory; 4. Women often massage the body, can promote its development, improve the body curves, but also can prevent or eliminate fiber adenoma hyperplasia. Insist to do facial care massage, can make the muscle elastic, sebum secretion, skin luster, and rosy, reduce wrinkles. 5. Because the massage have expand subcutaneous capillaries, the blood circulation, skin nutrition improvement, so as to improve the metabolism of tissue and the function of the skin to breathe, skin is pale and inelastic change color, elastic recovery. The health care massage

1. Should be light after heavy, it step by step, make the body there is a process of adaptation, not by violence, so as not to scratch the skin.Its principle is the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, so is the part of the massage can get the capillaries expansion, faster blood flow, improve the nutritional status of the local. 2. In the process of massage action, should be muscles relax, natural breath, clothes belt, so can make the whole body meridians. In the limbs, trunk, chest massage, it is best directly on the skin or through the thin clothes, in order to improve the effect. 3. The best health care massage in indoor air circulation, temperature is appropriate, can do more several times per day, no harm. Wake up every day before going to bed, it is health care massage the best time. When you are the alarm clock wake, unavoidable feel sleepy unanswered, trance, might as well the stretch and health care massage, and then will feel vibrant, energized. 4. After a busy day after intense work, lie on the bed to do health care massage, can eliminate fatigue, relax muscles, relax the brain, heart and needs to sleep.

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