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Dubai Massage for lady can increase estrogen

Estrogen, as one of the important female sex hormones, plays an important role in female reproductive health, bone health and cardiovascular system. As the pace of life in Dubai accelerates and the pressure of work increases, some women may experience a drop in estrogen levels. How can a full body massage in Dubai for female improve estrogen?

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Estrogen is an important hormone in the female body, which has an important impact on the female reproductive system, bone health, mood and so on. Women's estrogen levels gradually decline as they age, especially during menopause.

First, when estrogen levels drop, there may be some effects:

Effects on the reproductive system: Decreased estrogen levels can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and even menopause. During menopause, the loss of estrogen can lead to hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, loss of libido and other symptoms.

Bone health: Estrogen is essential for maintaining bone density. Decreased estrogen can increase the risk of osteoporosis because estrogen helps slow bone loss.

Second, where can female massage improve estrogen

Dubai Massage is a traditional way to relax the body and mind, through the massage of specific points or areas of the body, can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and some massage techniques are thought to have a positive effect on hormone levels. Massage may help relieve stress and improve blood circulation, which can have a positive effect on hormonal balance and this can improve sexual function at the same time.

Massage the chest can increase estrogen, often do chest massage to promote the secretion of estrogen. If the patient wants breast enhancement, you can eat more foods with female hormones, such as soy milk, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, etc., and you can also do more breast enlargement exercises, which is conducive to breast enhancement. Adolescent patients should not be picky eaters, eat more nutritious foods, and maintain a good and happy mood.

Massage is a common physical therapy in daily life, through massage can effectively promote the body's blood circulation and metabolism, can enhance their own estrogen, for estrogen is relatively low population, is the need to supplement estrogen under the guidance of a doctor.

Before considering estrogen supplementation, it is recommended to consult a doctor to ensure that the method chosen is appropriate for an individual's health and avoids unnecessary risks. Especially for women at risk for underlying diseases, estrogen replacement therapy needs to be used with caution.

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