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Dubai Massage some parts can improve sexual function

Sexual function is an important factor affecting the relationship between husband and wife and the quality of life. With the increase of age or other factors, sexual function may decline. Dubai Body Massage is a method that is believed to improve sexual function. I will let you understand which parts of the body can be massaged to improve sexual function, as well as matters that should be paid attention to when performing massage.

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Body to Body Massage in Dubai
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Pre-sex massage is a massage to achieve sexual arousal. Especially for people with sexual dysfunction, pre-sex massage should be adopted. Of course, it is limited to couples. This is of positive significance to enhancing the relationship between husband and wife and improving the quality of sex life.

Between husband and wife, in a quiet room without other interference, first use implicit and humorous language to communicate thoughts and feelings. Avoid talking about sexual issues directly, only suggestive language can be used. Then, consciously approach each other's body, make some head and face care movements, then stroke the limbs to make them feel relaxed and happy, eliminate tension, and then stroke the chest, abdomen, waist and back, but avoid stimulating the "erogenous zone". When the tension is relaxed and there is a good feeling of intimacy

Massage to improve sexual function

1. Penis: Massaging the penis can promote blood circulation, enhance erectile function, and improve sexual pleasure.

2. Testicles: Massaging the testicles can stimulate the secretion of male hormones and enhance sexual function.

3. Perineum: Massaging the perineum can promote blood circulation in the reproductive organs and improve sexual function.

4. Waist: Massaging the waist can stimulate the kidneys and reproductive organs and improve sexual function.

5. Abdomen: Massaging the abdomen can promote the health of the digestive system and reproductive system and improve sexual function. If you can massage the abdomen before bedtime, you can get better experience.

Precautions for massage to improve sexual function

1. Maintain hygiene: When massaging, make sure your hands are clean to avoid infection.

2. Avoid excessive force: Use gentle techniques when massaging and avoid excessive force to avoid injury.

3. Consult professionals: If you suffer from sexual dysfunction, consult a doctor or professional for advice.

4. Combine with other treatment methods: Massage is an auxiliary method. For problems such as sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to combine other treatment methods.

5. Pay attention to personal comfort: Pay attention to personal comfort during massage. If you feel uncomfortable, you should stop immediately.


Massage is a simple and effective way to improve sexual function. By massaging specific parts, blood circulation can be promoted, the function of reproductive organs can be enhanced, and sexual pleasure can be improved. However, it should be noted that massage is not a panacea. For problems such as sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to combine other treatment methods and perform them under the advice of professionals.

When performing the body to body massage in Dubai, pay attention to personal hygiene and comfort, and avoid excessive force or incorrect massage techniques. Through massage, the quality of sex life can be improved, and it also helps to maintain overall physical and mental health.

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