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The easiest way to do a face massage in Dubai at home

For beauty and skin care, Dubai girls always rely on those tips, and even think that beauty and skin care tips are better than some skin care products. Whether this is really the case, of course you have to try it yourself, and the effect of these beauty and skin care tips has a lot to do with your skin type. Now introduce a few tips of skin care and Massage in Dubai at Home to help you.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage at Home
Dubai Best Massage - Linda

1, Toner and cotton pad

Lotion is believed to be an indispensable beauty and skin care product for most girls in the process of Dubai Full Body Massage. Adults increase and the next beauty and skin care tips are related to this. High-performance lotion with a thick texture has a certain consistency, which can be a massage medium between the hands and the skin without pulling the skin. The key is to use a cotton pad to increase the strength, first slowly press on the whole face, and gently Pat and then quickly again.

2, Press the upper lip

The lip skin is very delicate. If you prevent beards, pinch your lips. This action is very simple! There are also acupuncture points on the upper lip, stimulating here can not only prevent the production of beards, but also create sexy lips.

3, Mouth lift massage

The fine lines on the corners of the mouth are definitely a sign of aging. Therefore, smile when you wake up in the morning and don’t ignore the lifting of the corners of your mouth. Press on both sides of the mouth with the index finger that is not commonly used for facial massage, press and turn it three times, lift it up, and the corners of the mouth will instantly rise.

4, Makeup tips

For many girls, touch-up is almost a daily homework, but the use of touch-up is ignored by many people. Why is the part of powder-filling wasted? While applying makeup, use your little powder puff to tap a few points around the eyes, corners of your mouth, and cheeks, and then gently pull up a few times. This kind of massage can also help your skin plump and elastic.

As we know that massage the face can promote the blood circulation, regulate the circulation of the blood and meridians of the face, it is very good for the face to eliminate toxins and burn fat. At the same time, massaging the face can also reduce pores and beautify the skin. But you need to persist in doing everything. Keep your mouth shut and open your legs is the most important thing to lose weight. Normally, you need to pay attention to a light diet and not overeating. Only a regular work schedule will be better for your body. And if you are the allergic skin, you also ask the doctors to get more information about the face massage.


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