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Dubai Massage for 5 Minutes to Make Your Skin Plump and Elastic

A 5-minute facial massage twice a week every morning or evening can promote blood circulation and give you a natural, balanced, healthy complexion. Facial massage focuses on five areas, namely the forehead, cheeks, nose, lip corners and eyes. A full body Massage in Dubai or just massage the face with fingers, use palm or finger rhythm to stimulate the three parts of the skin tissue, muscles, and nervous system, and promote blood and lymph circulation. When the blood circulation becomes smooth, oxygen and nutrients will be transported to various organizations in time, and metabolism will also be accelerated.

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Body to Body masasge in Dubai
Dubai Massage Full Service

Stretch your forehead: start with your fingertips from between the eyebrows, and gently massage your skin upwards; then follow the forehead, massage the temples in a spiral manner, and finally press on the temples for 3 seconds. Not only the skin, you can also try a lymphatic massage to reduce edema.

Reshape the cheeks: From the chin to the bottom of the ears, gently press in a spiral manner along the contour of the face, and gently pull the earlobes for 3 seconds, and then slowly massage the temples in a spiral manner, the cheeks are massaged heavily on the lower jaw as the center Use the middle finger and ring finger to massage in circular motions in the direction of the left and right ears; move the fingers to massage the entire face, about 3 times.

Nose: Use the middle finger pad to gently massage both sides of the nose straight down to stretch the skin and prevent the appearance of horizontal lines. Massage 3 times on the left and right sides; the middle finger pad is close to the nose, moving up and down little by little. About 6 times, in order to eliminate excess sebum, a little effort is required.

Lifting the lip corners: Because the lips are prone to fine lines, you may wish to maintain a smiling expression during massage to help smooth the lip skin, and then massage around the lips from the person; at the corners of the mouth that are prone to sagging, quickly lift up with your middle finger. Slide the pad of the ring finger from the center of the lower lip to the left and right corners of the mouth for massage, repeated 3 times, which can help relieve loose skin.

Eye skin is the most fragile, so eye massage is especially delicate. If it is difficult to grasp the technique and strength of eye massage for a while, hot compress is undoubtedly the best choice. Hot compresses, through the use of heat and evaporated moisture to promote the opening of the skin’s blood vessels and pores, increase the flow of blood to the skin, and help accelerate the metabolism of the skin’s dead cells, thereby softening the skin.

If you choose a suitable massage cream, you can make the massage in Dubai full service more smooth and nourish your skin. After the massage, wipe off the massage cream and apply a warm towel on the face to make the skin feel relaxed and comfortable. What needs to be reminded is that regular use of massage cream tends to make the skin thinner and thinner, so it should vary from person to person and use it according to the actual situation.


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