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The Best Way to Protect the Prostate by Dubai Massage

In Dubai, it is shown that, prostatitis in men is very common by the lack of outdoor sports. And it is very troublesome to get it. We believe that in Dubai prostatitis is a common male physiological disease, which has a great impact on male physical health. In the current society, the incidence of prostatitis is rising.

More and more patients are panicing to male comrades, for fear that one day the disease will entangle themselves. So what are the main clinical manifestations? What are some ways to protect prostate health? The full body massage in Dubai is such a good way to solve that!

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Suki, Dubai body to body massage girl
Dubai Massage Full Service

Massage the prostate 100 times a day

During a prostate massage in Dubai, the environment in which the prostate ducts and acinars are blocked by the exudation of live or dead bacteria and their products and tissues is very much like a tiny abscess. In theory, prostate massage can relieve these glandular obstructions, get normal drainage, and make antibiotics easier to penetrate. Therefore, prostate massage is recommended 1-2 times a week to help drain the prostate fluid. After general massage, the patient feels comfortable, and the local discomfort and bloating sensation are reduced. However, if the symptoms worsen or there is fever after the massage, the massage should be suspended and treated with antibacterial drugs.

Clinical manifestations of prostatitis:

1. Progressive dysuria: The symptoms of prostatitis include slow urination, laborious urination, weak urination, small urination line, dripping urine, segmented urination, and endless urination.

2. Frequent urination: This is the most common symptom of prostatitis. Urinary frequency, and gradually increased, especially the number of nocturia.

3. Symptoms of renal insufficiency: Prostatitis patients in the late stage due to long-term urinary tract obstruction cause two renal dysfunction. Prostatitis symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and anemia.

4. Patients with prostatitis, if the cold, drinking, fatigue and other inducements cause glands and bladder neck congestion and edema, symptoms of acute urinary retention prostatitis can occur.

Forbidden to protect the prostate

Don't smoke or drink too much. Nicotine and alcohol can stimulate me, cause the secrete excessively, and induce inflammation. I get congested after getting drunk, and it usually takes 3 to 5 days to recover.

Don't over-sex. When you indulge, become hyperemic and susceptible to inflammation. When you suppress sexual desire, a large accumulation of prostate fluid is also not good for my health. Therefore, I hope that the host will have regular sex, and try his best to avoid tolerance, excessive masturbation, and abuse of aphrodisiac drugs. When you still suffer from the prostatitis, you will be also get the insomnia at the same time. You can try the prostate massage in Dubai to get a better sleep time.

In addition, you can also actively participate in sports, such as running, climbing, swimming, playing sports, doing exercises, etc. to accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism of the body, improve local blood circulation in the prostate, reduce prostate blood stasis, and help maintain testicular function and delay testicular function.

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