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Insomnia is harmful to life, relieve it by daily self-massage in Dubai

As we know, frequent insomnia is very mentally damaging, and long-term insomnia can cause a lot of harm for your body and even affect men's life in Dubai. Look at the people around you who are not in good spirits and bad looks. After inquiries, they have not slept well and insomnia at night. Insomnia is "normal" to the point where we don't think we are ill, and ignore the severity of insomnia.

Let us now understand the serious problems of insomnia and how to overcome them. We believe that, in Dubai massage is the most effective way to relieve insomnia, including the full body massage and Japanese Shiatsu massage. So let's have a look of it?

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Insomnia refers to the inability to fall asleep or to maintain sleep, resulting in insufficient sleep. Also known as falling asleep and maintaining sleep disturbance (DlMS), it is difficult to fall asleep, the depth or frequency of sleep is too short, early awakening and lack of sleep time or poor quality are caused by various reasons.

Someone feels like that the back and waist pain causes the Insomnia worse. The main causes of insomnia are environmental reasons and individual factors , Physical reasons, mental factors, emotional factors, etc.

Insomnia can try self acupressure

Head massage: massage the head 30 times from bottom to top with the middle finger pads, and then massage the ribs along the eyebrows, and 30 times for the temples.

Ear massage: use both hands thumb, forefinger massage from top to bottom along the auricle 30, and then rub the earlobe 30 times to the degree of redness.

Health problems caused by insomnia:

1, insomnia will speed up skin aging. The human body produces two important substances to maintain the toughness of the skin-collagen and elastin. These two substances are only produced in large quantities when entering deep sleep at night, but rarely in normal times. The sleep time and regularity of patients with insomnia are destroyed, leading to physiological disorders, which will affect the normal secretion of collagen and elastin over a long period of time. Those with severe insomnia can lead to faster skin aging.

2, insomnia affects mood and easily deteriorates into other serious mental illness. Insomnia is prone to nervous disorders. Long-term insomnia causes inattention, decreased thinking ability, and produces depression, anxiety, nervousness and other emotions. In severe cases, mental illness, neurosis, and nervous breakdown are formed.

3, insomnia leads to decreased immune function. Long-term insomnia is likely to cause hypertension and hyperlipidemia; fatal diseases such as cardiovascular disease, tumors, respiratory diseases, diabetes, constipation, cancer, and premature aging.

4, long-term insomnia and longevity. According to incomplete statistics of scientific research in recent years, insomnia is particularly harmful to the elderly. The underlying cause of the high levels of fatal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer, and tumors is caused by chronic insomnia in the elderly. Epidemiological statistics show that long-term insomnia shortens lifespan by 10-18 years.

In addition to the above consequences, more and more patients with mental, neurological and medical diseases caused by insomnia.

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