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Techniques of Dubai Massage at Home to Help Your Beauty

In Dubai, girls are paying more attention to their skin now. The Dubai full body massage can help us detoxify in skin and make skin care products better absorbed. So, how to massage to beautify your skin? How to better combine skin care products with massage? Let's take a look.

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Dubai Massage Home Service
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1. Massage when washing your face

The specific method is to use the tip of your index finger or middle finger to gently make a circular motion on your face, either clockwise or counterclockwise. It takes about 30 seconds; when cleansing, massage is needed to soothe the skin and at the same time strengthen the cleansing of the skin. To meet the above requirements, this is of course the most basic and necessary step for washing your face. Not only the face massage but also the body to body massage in Dubai, is good for your full body skin.

2. Massage to shrink the pores of the nose

Let your face relax first, then put a heated towel on the back of your neck to make the lymphatic flow unblocked, and then prepare two small spoons, which should be put in the water to warm up. Use two small spoons on the side of the nose and on the tip of the nose to gently scrape, be sure to go back and forth several times, not only can clean the pores, but also lift the nearby skin.

3. Massage to relieve eye wrinkles

The areas around our eyes are the most prone to wrinkles, even if there are no wrinkles, fine lines are easy to appear. When massaging, place your ring finger under the two brows, fix it, and then use your middle finger and index finger to gently apply pressure from one end of the eye socket to the other, and continue doing it five times. This step of massage is also good for losing weight.

4. Massage to eliminate facial edema

First put the middle finger on the top of the nose, push up along the route of the bridge of the nose, repeat it for a while, you can easily eliminate the swelling of the face. In addition, you can also place the palm of your hand on the top of your cheeks and gently lift up and do it again and again, which can also overcome the effect of eliminating edema.

5. Soothing facial massage

Place your ten fingers one by one from the center of the face to the front of the ears. Use a short-length route to massage gradually. The fingers should be strong during the massage and proceed slowly and deeply. The direction is basically from the face to the ears, repeat Do this one more time until you feel the relaxing effect.

6. Massage method to make BB cream more fit

After applying the BB cream, put your hands close to each other and push up forcefully. Repeat several times until the BB cream spreads evenly and fits better on the face. This massage also has the effect of making two things look thinner! In addition, your forehead and T zone also need to be massaged accordingly, and you also need to do such a lifting action. The direction does not need to be consistent upwards, as long as the fit effect can be aligned.

7. Massage when using eye cream

Dip a small amount of eye cream on the ring finger, gently dot around the eye area, and then massage the inner corners of your eyes, upper eyelids, tails of eyes, lower eyelids, etc. in circular motions to let your skin slowly absorb your eye cream . Repeat several times until the eye cream is completely absorbed. This method can also reduce the generation of eye wrinkles, which is beneficial to keep the face young!

8. Massage cream massage method

Use the index finger of both hands and the abdomen of the middle finger when enjoying the massage in Dubai. Press the chin to the base of the ears, the top of the nose to the tail of the eyes, and the forehead to the tail of the eyes to massage in a spiral shape. It takes about 2-3 minutes. The face can absorb the massage cream very well, and it can lift the skin axially to firm up the facial skin.

Tip: Learning basic massage techniques can integrate the role of beauty, so that your skin care products can no longer only accumulate on the surface of the skin, but can penetrate deep into the skin, so that every small cell in your skin can be supplemented by Enough nutrition. Hurry up and learn.

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