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5 Key Points You Must Know To Lose Weight By Massage in Dubai

How to succeed in weight loss has become a hot topic for everyone in Dubai. Many people try so any ways to lose weight, and some people are keen on the Full Body Massage in Dubai to lose weight, so is the effect of massage to lose weight good? What are the key points of the massage at home? Now, let me tell you something you should know.

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1: distinguish the types of massage

Before performing massage to lose weight, you must first understand what types of massages are available, so that you can clearly know which type of massage you are suitable for, so that the massage can achieve obvious weight-loss effects. In fact, the types of massage can be divided into two major categories in general, one is Shiatsu massage, and the other is palm massage. To choose the type of massage, it is mainly used according to the points to be massaged.

This type of massage is highly targeted. When a certain key area is being massaged, this shiatsu massage is the best massage method because it can allow a specific acupoint to be fully twisted.

Palm massage

As the name suggests, it is a method of stimulating key areas with your fingers. This is a fairly correct way to go out or at home. However, compared with Japanese Shiatsu massage, palm massage is usually to relax the tight body muscles and eliminate fatigue. Therefore, before deciding on a massage, we must first choose the type of massage to make ourselves enjoy better.

2: suitable for massage weight loss

Many people think that every part of the body is suitable for weight loss by massage in Dubai, but in fact, when performing partial massage, not all parts are suitable for partial massage. Some parts can't pressurize well even if massaged. When applying local massage to lose weight, the most suitable parts are the abdomen, extremities, chest, back and buttocks. When these parts are massaged, the blood inside the body can be quickly circulated to fully clear the meridian effect.

In addition, massage in these areas can also continuously expand the body's capillaries, accelerate the body's internal metabolic function, and it is also very decomposing and depleting for the aunts accumulated in the body. The massage method of these parts is also very simple. Even at home, you can massage yourself, and you can also massage these parts of yourself while watching TV.

3: massage weight loss to find key areas

The methods and techniques for local massage are actually very simple, but before you massage, you must first fully understand the distribution of the key areas in the local position of the human body, so that the local massage can continue to be effectively implemented. Because if you don't understand the key areas of local massage, you can't reduce the effect of weight loss. The reason why many people cannot lose weight by massage in Dubai is that they have not identified the key areas.

4: massage method to find out

After mastering the local key points, the next step is of course to learn how to massage. With the development of repeated times, there are more and more massage techniques. In Dubai massage center, we can usually experience different massage techniques. These Dubai massage techniques can not only improve the body pain. But if you want to massage at home, you need to master some easy to learn techniques.

5: take the massage time

This is often not the case. The time of massage does not determine the effect. The time of massage is usually determined according to the individual's own physical condition and physical condition. If it is a person with poor health, it is best not to massage for more than half an hour, because this will often cause the body's internal metabolism to become too weak to become too weak. For people with good physical condition, it is best to keep the massage time at about 40 minutes. On the other hand, if the massage time is too much long, on your face, the wrinkle may appear, and you have to remove the wrinkle by yourself.

In addition, the massage time cannot be arranged within half an hour before a meal and an hour after a meal, because at this time, the massage will disturb the functioning of the internal digestive system of the body, causing the body to suffer from indigestion, or even vomiting in severe cases. stop. Therefore, when you massage, you should arrange the massage time correctly, so that the effect of massage can be doubled!

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