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Remove wrinkle by Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, all girls are taking more and more care about their face. As you grow older, time will leave traces on your face, which makes many Dubai girls annoyed! Many girls have tried various methods to eliminate wrinkles, and even include buying many expensive electronic removing wrinkle products. But mostly, after several months of tossing, there has been no improvement. Girls have used a lot of skin care products and spent a lot of money, but they all grow up again after a long time, and the skin seems to be tossing and getting worse. It's hard to think about yourself in the mirror when you think about this experience, and there is no way to eradicate it.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service
Linda, sexy girl of body massage in Dubai

As we age, the collagen in the skin will slowly drain away, the skin will gradually lose its elasticity, and wrinkles will follow. The following will teach you a set of simple techniques of anti-aging facial massage in Dubai. As long as 10 minutes per night, you can make the skin care ingredients more absorbed and reduce the formation of wrinkles. Wrinkles have many truth, can usually be divided into false and true. False lines usually refer to expression lines, that is, lines left by facial expressions or high frequency of certain expressions, which are usually transient lines on the surface. But if the skin is wrinkled for a long time without proper maintenance and repair, it will become a permanent aging wrinkle.

So what should we do? Don't want to go to the beauty salon? Don't want to use too much makeup? But still worried that wrinkles will increase. Then you can solve the problem yourself. I recommend to try a Dubai massage at home. Not only does it have no toxic and side effects, but also has a good effect!

Massage wrinkle removal method

1. Press and rub face

Gently place 4 fingers on the center of the chin, from the beginning of the chin to the bottom of the ear, the corner of the mouth to the center of the ear, and the nose to the temple, and gently massage the upper and lower zigzag moving massage method. Be as slow as possible.

2. Press and rub forehead

Start from the temple towards the center of the forehead, and gently massage the upper and lower zigzag moving massage method. Be as slow as possible.

3. Reverse rubbing

Then from the temple to the chin direction along the hairline and then reverse the upward and downward zigzag movement massage action. Be as slow as possible.

4. Expand the face by Shiatsu massage in Dubai

Use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to gently push the side of your nose from your nose to the temple three times and then wrap your face for 10-15 seconds to calm and relax your skin. The Shiatsu massage can not only be used to facial massage but also the full body massage in Dubai, it can relieve muscle soreness so effectively.

5. Chin Massage

With the power of the entire palm and fingertips, first wrap with the right hand from under the left ear, slowly slide along the chin to the right side of the chin, then wrap with the left hand from under the right ear, slowly along the chin Slide to the left of the chin and repeat this action 3-5 times repeatedly.

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