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Dubai Massage to Relieve Muscle Soreness

In Dubai, people take more and more attention to their healthy condition. They would like to go to fitness rather than staying at home. But there is one important thing you have to know that the relax of body. Relaxing after exercise has the effect of avoiding physical fatigue and properly replenishing energy. It is necessary to relax in time after exercise, it can avoid physical fatigue.

After intense exercise, many wastes (such as lactic acid) generated by energy metabolism accumulate in the body. Properly pulling and jogging is like starting the power device of the conveyor belt to increase the movement speed of wastes, which is beneficial to the wastes discharged from the body. I believe that, a full body massage in Dubai would be your best choice.

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Relaxing after exercise also includes proper energy supplementation. Moreover, sitting for a long time, excessive exercise will cause muscle soreness, so how to relieve muscle soreness? Massage relief is a common method, but the relief of soreness also requires a combination of diet. Here are five recommended foods to relieve muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is very common in life. Many athletes such as running and playing ball are the main force of muscle soreness. What about muscle soreness? Massage and diet are good relief methods. Not only for muscles soreness, but also good for the blood pressure controlling.

Massage to relieve muscle soreness

The methods for dealing with muscle soreness include analgesics, light stretching, massage, hot water bath and hot and cold compresses. The action of the drug is well known, and the reason why the slight stretch is effective is because the muscles are easily tightened in the recovery state, which will make the soreness worse. Therefore, the slow and gentle stretching movement can reduce the tension and relieve the pain.

The Dubai Massage of sore muscles can also help reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation, thus speeding up recovery. The hot water bath is also like massage, which can relax muscles and accelerate circulation. The smoother the blood flow, the more oxygen and nutrients are input into the cell tissue, so that the damaged muscles can be repaired faster. 20 minutes after fitness, massage the body that has been exercising. Parts can also play a role in relieving soreness.

It is important to remind everyone that after fitness, we must not completely relax, because we need a lot of oxygen after intense exercise. If we do not supply oxygen to the body in time, there will be adverse phenomena such as blood pressure reduction. So even a simple massage in Dubai at home can have a very good therapeutic effect on muscle aches.

Relieve muscle soreness what food to eat

1. Salmon: The protein contained in salmon can repair the redness and soreness of muscles after exercise.

2. Egg: An egg contains amino acids, branched-chain amino acids and glutamic acid, all of which help muscle recovery. But note that while eggs are high in protein, cholesterol in egg yolks is also slightly higher. The total number of eggs per day should not exceed 2 eggs.

3. Soy: Soybeans are rich in protein. Each 100 grams of soybeans or black beans contains about 36-38 grams of protein.

4. Ginger: Ginger is a very effective anti-inflammatory drug, it is rich in trace elements. Studies have shown that it can reduce muscle soreness by about 25% in a very short time.

5. Dark green leafy vegetables: Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin E, which can effectively protect the anti-inflammatory molecules in the body, thereby reducing muscle soreness after exercise. In addition, these vegetables also contain other kinds of vitamins and rich minerals, which is one of the best foods to keep the body healthy.

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